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Service That Works!

I’m a self-admitted inpatient person when it comes to getting professional work done around the house, probably because it’s never just easy. We recently had an issue with our refrigerator and needed to have it serviced. Well, it came with the house when we bought it and I have no idea where it came from which I didn’t think that would be an issue if I just called a place that sold the same brand. I was wrong. I was told by two different places that because they didn’t sell that model anymore or they didn’t sell it to us that they wouldn’t come out to help. After a few hours of research and calls, I did get the darn thing fixed but it should have been easy and it wasn’t which was just frustrating.

I see similar frustration to mine in some of the contact forms that are submitted on our outdoor lighting website. People who have had someone install their landscape lighting system to find that it was installed incorrectly, a bulb needs replacing, etc. but they can’t get anyone to service it, until they contact us. Outdoor lighting is all we do at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and we want to make sure that people have the lighting that works, that’s why we will service and maintain any system, even if we didn’t install it.

Unfortunately our franchisees see landscape lighting systems that aren’t maintained properly every day. It’s a shame considering the money that the homeowner spent to have it installed, but just like any other part of your property it needs maintenance and it is often overlooked.

So what does our maintenance include? Any or all of the following:

  • Switching out bulbs that need to be replaced
  • Repair or replace wire that needs it
  • Bury wire that has become exposed
  • Straighten fixtures
  • Inspect transformer
  • Reset timer if needed
  • Trim or adjust for plant growth

When done on a yearly basis, simple outdoor lighting maintenance can keep your system looking brand new and problem-free. We offer lighting assessments so you know have a clear idea of what you have, what you need done and what you may need to add and/or remove.

If you are interested in an outdoor lighting assessment or are in need of maintenance, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.