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How Hurricane Sandy May Impact Your Outdoor Lighting

First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with those that have been affected by hurricane Sandy. As the weeks and months of recovery begin, we wanted to let people know how hurricanes or large storms can impact an outdoor lighting system. High winds and large amounts of rain can impact outdoor lights, wires, fixtures and transformers can be damaged when put up against the harsh side of Mother Nature.

Under normal circumstances, wiring can become exposed. It is even more common when large storms come through an area. Wind and rain can move a lot of dirt and mulch on a property. If your wires aren’t run deep enough, they may be uprooted. Wires that are uncovered are more likely to get cut due to lawn mowers and other landscaping tools so it’s important that they are buried where necessary. Additionally, large amounts of rain, as it saturates the ground, may push your wires up. Walk around your property to check if you can see any wiring. If so, call your landscape lighting company to rebury it.

Fixtures can become unstable when the ground is soaked with water. After a storm like Hurricane Sandy, it wouldn’t be uncommon for fixtures to be tilted or toppled over. Take note of those fixtures that may need some attention and let your outdoor lighting company know. If there are fixtures that aren’t working, don’t try to fix it yourself. You may do more damage or hurt yourself if you aren’t sure how to maintain a lighting system.

Unless you had flood conditions, your transformer (especially if you have an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives system) should be performing normally despite high winds and rain. To prevent water coming up from underneath the transformer, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives installs its systems six to eight inches above ground. If you think your transformer may be blown (if it’s sitting in water, it will no longer work properly), contact a professional to take a look. They can check the power source as well as voltage levels and wattage lines.

As we go into the outdoor holiday lighting season, homeowners may find more affects of Sandy as they install lights along their roof lines. Older gutters and roofs may be weaker due to the harsh elements. Make sure to check everything properly before spending time on the roof hanging lights. Or better yet, have a professional holiday lighting company do it for you! No one wants to ring in the holiday with a broken arm.

If you have any questions regarding the safety or performance of your outdoor lighting system, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.