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Highlight the Best Parts of Your Property

I always joke with my husband that our yard is a jungle. We have many different types of trees, flowers, bushes, etc. You name it, we have it. I’ll be honest and say that I wouldn’t be sad removing some of them, but there are two trees that I LOVE. They are both dogwoods and we have one in our front yard and one in our back. I love their white flowers that bloom in the spring time and they just make me happy. To me, they are two of the best parts of our property and I do what I can to highlight them, including adding some up-lighting to their base so they aren’t lost at night (hopefully the other trees aren’t jealous).

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, our outdoor lighting designers are trained to highlight all the best (or favorite) parts a home, building or landscaping. Depending on what that characteristic is, the design plan will be tailored to fit it perfectly.

Take this house to the right for example; it’s beautiful. The twelve columns give it a stately look and I would say they are the defining features of the home. Without the right design plan they could be completely lost. Our outdoor lighting designer in Birmingham came up with a plan that would shoot light upward from the base of the lower columns straight through the eaves of the roof.

The architecture of this house is very interesting to look at. Not only does it have multiple peaks and a circular room on one side, it has gorgeous stonework along the front façade of the home. These architectural features are the highlights of this property, so those are the things that our outdoor lighting has to accentuate. With strategically placed low voltage fixtures, the home has an even glow that brings attention to all the finishing details.

LED landscape lighting

Some properties have details that the homeowners want to enjoy 24 hours a day. From statues and fountains to retaining walls and elaborate landscaping, our outdoor lighting designers and installers have seen and done it all. If you are interested in hearing more about architectural and landscape lighting and how it can enhance your property, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.