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Snowflake Lighting for the Holidays

When I was little, I loved cutting snowflakes out of white paper for my mom to put around the house during Christmas time. Like real snowflakes, I tried to make each one different and special. When outdoor holiday lighting companies first started creating snowflake likes for homes and commercial properties, it was one design across the board. That’s not the case anymore.

A few years ago, icicle lights were the most requested outdoor Christmas lighting design. Well now, outdoor snowflake lighting is becoming more and more popular. Snowflake lights now come in wide array of shapes, sizes and colors and are sure to complement any outdoor holiday décor.

I love the look of integrating different snowflake designs into one project. It adds extra visual interest to any building, street or tree lighting. Take this tree above for example. It’s the main outdoor holiday decoration (and entryway) at a commercial property. The snowflakes are the biggest and brightest component. These are snowflake rope lights. As opposed to a wire snowflake with led bulbs lining it, the snowflake is made of shaped led rope light. The bright white shines in the dark and the different snowflake designs makes it special. It feels more custom than a standard set of snowflake lights.

This tree incorporates a mix of different shaped and sized snowflakes with a bunch of blue, back-lit snowflakes that are all the same. It’s beautiful:

decorated christmas tree

Snowflake lighting doesn’t just come in led rope light form; it is also available with separate led bulbs lining a snowflake frame. These are more commonly used for outdoor holiday street lighting, either on the lamp posts or as arches over the streets themselves. They, like the rope light type, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Look how beautiful these are.


If you are interested in learning more about outdoor holiday lighting, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.