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Easy Halloween Lighting Ideas

Halloween is just over a month away. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we love this spooky holiday. While we provide our clients with holiday outdoor lighting displays for the outside of their home, here are some great and simple Halloween lighting ideas you can do on your own and will give your home just the right amount of spook.

halloween lanterns
Creepy Paper Lanterns – The round paper lanterns are beautiful accents to outdoor living spaces during the spring and summer, but they can also be transformed for Halloween. If you have white or gold-hued lanterns, cut out a bunch of bat shapes from paper or plastic (depending on whether it’s indoors or out) and tape it to your lantern to make it look like bats in front of a full moon. If the lantern is orange, cut out Jack O’ Lantern shapes to make the face right there on the globe. These are sure to last longer than your carved pumpkins.

Eerie Candles – Group together on your table a bunch of different white candlesticks at different heights and sizes. Buy a red candle and burn over the white candles so the red wax drips down the white candles. It will look as if blood is dripping from the candles (creepy, creepy)

gallons of ghosts

Gallons of Ghosts – For the next few weeks leading up to Halloween, don’t throw out your old milk gallons. Instead, clean them out and then draw ghost faces on them. If you place string lights or a glow stick inside, the ghostly face will glow and grab a ton of attention.

Spiders in a jar – Take old glass jars and stuff with the fake spider webs that are sold leading up to Halloween. Place plastic spiders inside along the edges of the jar. Insert a glow stick or led candle (you won’t want anything that creates too much heat) inside. It will look like a glowing jar of spiders (eek).

Ghost Dresses – This one may be a little harder, but it will look great! Take some lighter colored and lighter-weight dresses from your closet (like chiffon) and place on a wire hanger. Place a white paper, globe-shaped paper lantern inside (to fill the dress so it doesn’t look flat). Then, hang the dresses on the branches of a tree in your yard. It will look as if ghosts are flying around your tree, especially if the wind is blowing!

Orange, Green and purple are classic Halloween colors. If you switch your outdoor lights, like coach lights, to color bulbs, it will make an instant impact. Many of our outdoor Halloween lighting clients ask us to incorporate green, purple and orange in our designs to give their homes an eerie look as trick-or-treaters approach.

If you are interested in learning more about our outdoor holiday lighting, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.