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Real Versus Artificial Christmas Trees

I was born and raised in Portland, ME. Every season, after Thanksgiving, my mom, brothers and I would go to the local Christmas tree lot and pick out our family’s Christmas tree. It was always real and I loved it. I loved having the house smell like pine and I told myself I would never get an artificial Christmas tree. Of course, then I became old enough where my mom had me help take down the Christmas tree. That was the beginning of the end of our love affair.

I helped my mother remove the string lights from the tree which inevitably were balled up and tangled in a pile along with our ornaments (we should have just thrown them out because neither my mother or I am patient enough to untangle lights). I didn’t think that was too bad until I actually had to take down the tree. The amount of pine needles that fell from the tree and onto our floor was ridiculous. Our nice wooden floors were covered (and I mean covered) with green pine needles that needed to be picked up.

artificial christmas tree
When I moved to Virginia after college I begrudgingly bought an artificial tree. I was living alone and couldn’t handle the putting up and taking down process by myself so I decided to get a tree that would be easy for me to handle. My first worry was that it would look fake, but the variety of styles was vast and that wasn’t an issue (my brother even yelled at me for leaving my lights on all the time because he thought it was real and I’d burn my apartment down). And I have no issues stringing my Christmas tree lights anymore, because it’s done for me. All I was missing was the smell, and a Yankee Candle fixed that.

Six years later, me and my tree have been to three different homes and are still going strong.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we not only do outdoor holiday lighting, but we also provide our clients with a wide variety of options for the inside of their homes, including pre-lit Christmas trees. From our classic tree design to our Winter Spruces and Mountain Pines, we can help you pick a tree that will fit your home perfect while providing the “real” look you hope for. Our indoor artificial Christmas trees are available in several heights going up to twelve feet.

outdoor decorated tree

Our commercial-grade Christmas trees are absolutely gorgeous and can be ordered up to 60 feet tall. They’re great for venues like malls and in community areas. Like our Christmas wreaths and foliage, they are pre-lit and custom ornaments can be added to fit your holiday décor perfectly.

For those customers that want a more contemporary look, we have options like these spiral trees in the top photo. They are so fun looking and the outdoor holiday lighting really pops against the dark background. Instead of decorating with ornaments for the day, these trees are all about the lights (you know we like that!).

And the best part to me is still the lack of needles to sweep, vacuum and pick up!

If you are interested in learning more about your outdoor holiday lighting options, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.