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Easy Commercial Outdoor Lighting Tips for You to Follow

There are many different options when it comes to commercial outdoor lighting for your business. Commercial lighting should look professional and subdued. It doesn’t need to be a spectacular display, since people require less light outdoors than they would if they were inside. You just need enough outdoor lighting for your customers or guests to recognize any pathways and obstacles and to make out your signage. You can plan out your outdoor lighting by walking around your property, visualizing how to use the available spaces effectively, and by employing these helpful tips.

commercial clock tower

Light and Shade

Outdoor lighting is available in different intensities and colors. The color of a light bulb can be identified by its range in Kelvins (K). Color temperatures will range from 1,800 K, which is very red in hue, to 7,500 K, which is a bluish white. Your commercial outdoor lighting choices include LED bulbs, incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, and several different fluorescent varieties. LED bulbs are usually recommended because they offer extremely low energy consumption and extraordinary longevity.

For What Purpose it May Serve

Outdoor lighting is generally divided into three categories: accent, overall, and task. Accent lights are the most subdued outdoor lighting types and they are normally used to draw attention to a special feature or landscaping. Overall lights are the brightest and they are usually used to provide illumination for an entire room or area. Task lights are more specific and are installed for a particular purpose. For example, task lights could be used to light up a walkway.

Going au Naturel

Natural lighting is becoming increasingly popular, especially for commercial businesses. To create a naturalist lighting design, it takes a strategic blend of various light sources that will imitate the effect of moonlight. If you have trees around your property, you can mount lights on their branches and point them up and down. This will make it look as if there’s a full moon shining down on your property.

Escaping the Glare of the Public Eye

Outdoor lighting considerations vary greatly from indoor illumination. For example, reflection is less of a problem outdoors because most of the surfaces outside are dark and will not reflect light as well. However, position and shielding are just as important in outdoor lighting as it is indoors, since you will need to protect your guests from uncomfortable glare.

You can make your commercial property’s exterior more attractive and safer just by adding the right combination of outdoor lighting. Try using some of these tips or contact contemporary outdoor lighting companies like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to discuss your options in more detail.