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Church Lighting Brings Out the Beauty

I love seeing pictures from all of our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives owners across the country. Each of them does such different projects and it’s reflected in the images and descriptions that they send. What our provider in Pennsylvania does is very different than those in Florida. Recently, Tim Bickett, who provides outdoor lighting in Cleveland and the surrounding areas, designed and installed an outdoor church lighting system that created a stunning and inviting look for parishioners.

outdoor church lighting cleveland
The Church of St. Dominic, in Shaker Heights, OH, as you can see, is classically beautiful. The structure, with its steeple, brick, white trim and large columns, is the focal point of the property, but the grounds also have a number of statues. Father Tom of the Church of St. Dominic wanted to help accentuate the building and make it more welcoming to guests that visit after dark by adding outdoor lighting. With a mixture of low voltage ceramic metal halide and LED bulbs, Tim was able to provide Father Tom with exactly what he was looking for.

Tim installed well lights along the perimeter of the church to cast an even, soft glow to the exterior and spot lights to highlight all of the statues on the grounds.

statue lighting church in cleveland
You can’t see it in this picture, (and that’s the point), but a LED light fixture was installed in front of the statue’s base that emphasizes the details of the piece.

Personally, I think the columns and the steeple make the biggest impact with the addition of outdoor church lighting. Tim and his team installed low voltage metal halide fixtures for the steeple and directional lights for the columns. The crisp white of the columns and steeple stand out beautifully with the added lighting.

Outdoor church lighting isn’t only important for the aesthetics of the church, but also the functionality. Churches have evening worship services, as well as other nighttime events. Outdoor lighting makes the property safer for those that visit the property at when it’s dark.

It’s no surprise that Father Tom and the parishioners of the Church of St. Dominic were happy with the new outdoor lighting system that Tim his Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio provided. If you have questions regarding church or architectural lighting, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.