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Creating an Outdoor Oasis Using the Right Deck Lighting

Most people enjoy the benefits of having an outdoor deck during the daytime, but very few people ever consider taking advantage of its comforts during the evening hours. Personally, that is when I love my deck the most. Nighttime usually means that it is quieter out and more peaceful. It is also usually cooler out and you won’t have to worry about the sun being in your eyes. The lack of sunlight however will require you to add some outdoor deck lighting for better visibility. The outdoor lighting will provide your home with extra security at night, plus it can help set the mood for a relaxing evening lounging on your deck. 

extra security light

Directional Lighting

One versatile option for your outdoor landscape lighting is directional lighting. This technique involves using up-lighting and down-lighting to highlight focal points in your yard or around your deck. These can illuminate walkways, shrubs, flowers, trees, or sculptures. They can also be easily used as security lighting simply by directing them on exterior doors, gates, and any other entrance ways. Another advantage is that most directional lights are designed with bullet-style fixtures that house LED light bulbs.


With the right outdoor deck lighting, you will be able to cast beautiful and intriguing shadows across your entire backyard. Your outdoor landscaping will also look more impressive and powerful, since it is magnified into a shadow. Outdoor lighting is designed to create luminous shapes and silhouettes at night that will enhance the natural ambiance and atmosphere of your outdoor living space.

Moon Lighting

Another choice for your deck lighting would be to use a moon lighting effect. This type of outdoor lighting mimics the gentle illumination and soft glow of the moonlight. The soothing look is created by placing a lighting fixture somewhere high and then directing the light downward. This kind of outdoor deck lighting is great for setting a romantic mood or as a dramatic accent for sculptures or special accent pieces.

Path Lighting

Lighting for your walkway is essential since you need something to guide people along your pathway, especially if there are various steps, curves, and turns that could mislead someone who is not familiar with it. Path lighting will draw attention to the details of the route, so it can be safely traveled even after the sun goes down.

Outdoor landscape lighting professionals like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives have the necessary experience and extensive product line to offer you a variety of different designs, styles, and illumination techniques. This way you can create a look that truly suits your taste, as well as your outdoor living space.