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Outdoor Commercial Landscape Lighting Designed to Suit Your Business

Every business needs an attractive and well-lit entryway to welcome their customers into their establishment, especially at night. When you hire an experienced professional to create the commercial landscape lighting for your business, you can feel confident that your property will be safer and more inviting to your customers. It will also show your customers that you care about how your business is represented in their neighborhood.

Choose a Function

When you are deciding on the lighting for your commercial business, there are two basic functions to consider. The first is to illuminate any potentially dangerous areas like stairs, large decorative pieces, or any other tripping hazards along your walkway. The other aspect you should consider is how to best highlight focal points within your landscaping to creating a more appealing ambiance. Commercial landscape lighting is great for creating beautiful shadows and imagery that will make your business stand out from its competitors. A reputable outdoor lighting company will be able to offer you guidance on how to make the space look professional, welcoming, and accessible.

Test Your Yard

To determine where you need light the most, you can use a flashlight at night to test how it will look when it is focused on different aspects of your property. Shine the light on various surfaces like walls, doorways, gates, decorative pieces, trees, shrubs, and flower gardens. Try to focus on the areas that will require the most nighttime access or security.

Design Tips

The right amount of outdoor lighting should encourage and direct people to go inside of your establishment. Too much light can be overwhelming, especially to your immediate neighbors. Limit your lighting to special features, pathways, and entryways that need to be secured or highlighted. If you conceal the source of the light in tress or behind shrubs, it will create a stunning look that will earn positive attention. To create a more modern and unique feel, you can also use different combinations of lighting techniques and colors.

Choose the Right Service Providers

Unless you have extensive design or landscaping experience that includes outdoor commercial lighting, you are better off hiring a professional. They will be able to show you various design options that will fit your needs, plus they know the best mounting techniques to secure the lights in place. Outdoor lighting fixtures that are not properly installed could cause expensive or dangerous lighting issues.

There are so many commercial outdoor lighting professionals like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives that can offer you the experience and advice needed to properly illuminate your outdoor space. They have the resources and knowledge to coordinate and install commercial landscape lighting for any type of business. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives also offers maintenance service to make sure that your outdoor lighting system won’t blink on and off or blow a fuse over time. They also always try to use safer low-voltage lights whenever possible to keep your commercial lighting costs down.