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Decorative Outdoor Lighting for Your Yard

Outdoor lighting isn’t just for illuminating the front of homes and the walkways around it. It is also great for any special features around a property. From water features and ponds to statues and gazebos, decorative outdoor lighting ensures all of the best parts of the yard can be enjoyed 24 hours a day.

I love water features in a backyard. The sound of running water is soothing and so many times, the feature itself is beautiful. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t use them after the sun goes down because it can’t be enjoyed to its fullest extent. Outdoor lighting will extend the time it can be used. The fixtures themselves can be set on a timer or a turned on and off as needed.

Decorative outdoor lighting can take on many forms. Sometimes it’s the actual light fixture itself that’s the true focal point. Take the above colorful light globes for instance. By hanging them high in the trees, the design pulls the eye towards them. They set the mood. Other fixtures that become the decoration include outdoor lamps, and outdoor displays.

Other times, the light is used to enhance features that are already on the property. This waterfall, with its natural stone façade, is beautiful. By lighting the feature on the underside of the drop, the homeowners and their guests can now see the flowing water as it falls into the pool below and the stone that otherwise would have been lost. Outdoor lighting also added to the surrounding landscaping to enhance the whole space.

backyard pool lighting

Our outdoor lighting company in Naples sent us this picture. One of their clients had invested greatly into their backyard, including a pond and plants around it. Every rock, every tree, every flower was specifically chosen to create a space that was full of color, texture and ambiance and they wanted that feeling on their property to be felt all the time. This picture illustrates the thought that went into the space. You can truly enjoy the greens, golds, red and browns and how they work with one another. But also notice that you can’t see the fixture that’s lighting this grouping. The decorative outdoor lighting here is not about the fixture, it’s about the landscape.

accent landscape lighting

If you are looking to increase the beauty of your property, adding outdoor lighting is a great way to ensure that it is appreciated by everyone that visits, no matter what time of day they visit.