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Illuminate Outdoor Areas with Creative Landscape Lighting Options

A garden is more than a collection of plants. A deck is more than a stack of wood. Instead these outdoor areas—along with paved patios and fire pits, hammocks and pergolas—are extensions of the home. They offer the needed space and style to enjoy every day.

Too often, however, the setting sun leaves these areas ignored. Families hurry inside to avoid the dark and yards (no matter how inviting or perfectly kept) are abandoned. Outdoor living seems impossible when the night arrives.

There is a simple solution to this problem, though, and it involves fixtures from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

Landscapes: The Importance of Illumination

A dark landscape is an overlooked landscape. Lighting options, therefore, are essential. They redefine spaces and promote usability throughout the year.

Proper landscape lighting:

  • Illuminates specific areas (such as decks or gazebos) to create alternative living spaces,
  • Showcases yard elements (like planter boxes or flowerbeds) to improve the overall appearances of homes,
  • And provides distinctive moods with the placement and brightness of lighting fixtures.

There are many ways to light a space and all of them ensure that the backyard is both functional and fun.

Landscape: Lighting Options

A strategically placed light invigorates every area. Consider these possibilities when trying to transform the backyard:

Wall Wash Lighting

A wall wash light casts colors onto vertical surfaces. It takes advantage of tree lines, retaining walls and columns, emphasizing height and drawing in the eye. It often creates silhouettes for a soft appearance and is ideal for outdoor dining or sitting areas.

Spread Lighting

A spread light is a form of commercial outdoor lighting that complements low-level areas, like stairs or planters. It is unobtrusive, positioned easily in shrubs or along structural walls. This allows it to direct attention to specific spaces, like decks or garden paths, without its frame being seen.

Moon lighting

Moonlighting is a lighting effect that mirrors the light of the moon (hence the name). Fixtures are carefully secured to a branch, enabling light to filter between the leaves. This brings a sense of whimsy to every space, while also proving less harsh than traditional overhead lighting.

tree moonlighting


A spotlight offers a direct beam in the backyard. Its singular shine adds drama, while its high positioning keeps it hidden from view. This makes it a worthy addition to gazebos or arbors.

Landscape lighting turns every yard into a usable and, more importantly, beautiful space. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to discover options for decks, pavilions and more.