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Outdoor Lighting for Pergolas, Gazebos and Trellises

Shade structures are a growing category in the outdoor living industry. More people are adding pergolas, gazebos, trellises and arbors as an added design feature. They often define different areas of an outdoor living area, and when outdoor lighting is added to highlight the structures at night, a beautiful and romantic place can be created.

One of the things I don’t understand is not getting the most out of what you invest in and that goes for outdoor features. We have a neighbor that has a beautiful water feature, but you can’t see it at night! This outdoor lighting project pictured above is a great example. With its curved lines and iron scrolls, this gazebo is beautifully ornate. The urns inside add to that whimsical feeling. How unfortunate would it be if you couldn’t see it like this after nightfall? Our outdoor lighting designer in New Jersey installed outdoor lighting around the gazebo for this gorgeous affect.

gazebo lighting at night

Take this beautiful gazebo for example. It is so sweet and lovely; it would be a shame if it wasn’t able to be enjoyed after dark. The same principles of outdoor lighting design apply to illuminating outdoor living structures as they do any residential or commercial property; the light should enhance the space without being the focal point. Here, the designer placed well lights along the base of each column giving a beautiful wash of light. While the columns are perfectly lit, the light fixtures themselves are barely visible. I also love that the trees along the side of the gazebo are lit creating a romantic spot to sit and enjoy your company.

pergola and swing outdoor lighting

When I see this picture, I can’t put help but to think of my husband. He would LOVE to have a space like this to lay back and relax in a hammock. The pergola above the patio creates the feeling of an outdoor room. The pergola lighting ensures that someone will unwind on that hammock and gaze up at the stars. Hmm, where to I add my name to the list?

backyard lighting

This small pergola is used as an entryway between the patio and yard, clearly defining the separate spaces. By placing the down-light on the top of the pergola, that separation is apparent at all times of the day. Looking at it from this angle, the pergola invites visitors to move from the yard into the well let patio beyond.

If you have questions regarding gazebo, trellis, arbor or pergola lighting, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.