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Low Voltage Lighting Illuminates Your Home

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we are the experts in low voltage outdoor lighting. With over 85,000 residential lighting designs and installations, we’ve done it all: front facades, deck, porches, patios and more. One of the questions we hear often is why low voltage is a better option for residential properties. Here’s the answer:

The cost of low voltage compared to line voltage is much less. Not only are the fixtures less, but they cost significantly less when it comes to your monthly electricity bills. This is due the voltage running through the system. Low voltage, I bet you can guess, is much less than line voltage and thus costs less to run. We get some questions regarding LED landscape lighting and LED is one kind of low voltage lighting. It is the most energy efficient residential option for outdoor lighting, but the cost of fixtures is slightly higher than your standard halogen lighting.

No one wants their home to look odd with outdoor lighting and color is big component of that. The color quality of low voltage lighting is great and will bring out the natural colors of your property’s exterior and surrounding landscaping. With different light options, there is sure to be a low voltage bulb that makes your house look wonderful!

Not only are the fixtures and energy costs less, but so is the cost of installation. That’s because low voltage outdoor lighting is much easier to install. Lines don’t have to be buried as deep and don’t take as much time.

Low voltage is more flexible than line voltage. Not only are there more fixture options in low voltage, but they are smaller and more versatile. Smaller fixtures are an important feature of a stunning outdoor lighting system. The focus should never be on the fixture itself, but on the lighting effect. The fixtures should almost disappear into the landscape. That’s why we love our copper fixtures. Over time, they will patina and blend in seamlessly.

Adjustments to a low voltage outdoor lighting system are much easier than those made to a line voltage system. Additional wires can be run pretty easily and moving fixtures isn’t as much of a hassle. It isn’t uncommon for a client to live with a system for a while and find that they wish they had a few more fixtures in different areas. That’s no problem with halogen and LED lighting. That ease of expansion and change is a huge benefit to homeowners.

If you have questions regarding the benefits of low voltage outdoor lighting, please reach out to your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office. Our trained lighting specialists will talk to you about your options and also provide you with a free lighting demonstration if you want. During our lighting demonstration, our designer will place temporary fixtures throughout your property so you can see exactly what your system will look like when it is installed. Any adjustments can be made so you know you will be thrilled with the outcome.