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Install an Effective Landscape Lighting System to Prevent Accidents and Costly Slip-and-Fall Cases

Undoubtedly, poorly illuminated streets are a real threat for all drivers, exposing them to unimaginable safety risks and potentially causing considerable car damage, which trigger significant out-of-pocket expenses. Dark walkways are just as dangerous for pedestrians, leading to tragic accidents that could be easily avoided by simply installing an effective lighting system that would ensure a satisfactory level of visibility at night.

As a matter of fact, top-of-the-line landscape lighting introduced by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is so much more than your average system, installed to illuminate and beautify an outdoor area at night. Its features go hand in hand with crime prevention strategies and also protect drivers and pedestrians from all kinds of severe accidents, which become inevitable in the darkness. Furthermore, quality outdoor path lighting can help you save lives and prevent a costly slip-and-fall lawsuit filed by people injured on your territory. The following cases reflect the fact that people who decide to disregard the importance of a proper landscape lighting structure could easily end up paying the price for their negligence.

In Chicago, representatives from a condo association were dragged to court by a woman who suffered a serious accident on an outdoor stairwell that was not properly illuminated. The victim, age 53, managed to obtain a $740,000 compensation for her severe injuries and extensive surgical procedures (including knee replacement) based on a court order.

In New Jersey, a crime victim opened a lawsuit against a public school, blaming its officials for failing to ensure a superior level of protection and allowing unauthorized access to a playground that was literally sunk in darkness. Despite the fact this case was not built around a slip-and-fall accident, it still indicates that the absence of a lighting system can trigger major legal repercussions.

An advanced LED lighting system is a real asset, designed and implemented to decrease safety risks, discourage potential thieves, illuminate and upgrade the curb appeal of any outdoor area and also protect the owner from lengthy, costly slip-and-fall cases in court. In some cases, the legal framework might compel you to ensure a superior level of visibility at night, by installing effective illuminating systems to avoid tragic accidents on your property. It’s no secret that dark walkways could put many lives at risk. On the other hand, outdoor path lighting is a remarkable solution to this problem, allowing you to bring just the right amount of light in even the darkest corners of your property, without breaking the bank to support these beneficial changes. The investment required is minimal, quite insignificant while compared to the expenses generated by a slip-and-fall lawsuit filed by someone who could get injured on your territory.