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Decorating and Illuminating Your World with Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Commercial architecture and design are much more than just designing a functional building. A building must be designed to attract people and be aesthetically pleasing. One of the ways designers and architects enhance aesthetics is by using unique commercial outdoor lighting fixtures. In addition to visual appeal, an illuminated exterior improves security, safety and convenience for users of the area. These types of commercial outdoor lighting are what make a building memorable and inviting.

Flood Lights

Floodlights fill an area with light. If it is bright enough, the entire area may be as bright as daylight. Floodlights are most often seen in sporting arenas, high school football fields, parking lots, and other open spaces. Even just a few strategically placed floodlights will enhance the aesthetics and security of an office building.

Entrance Lights

Entrance lights are most often seen at the entrance to buildings, above or beside main doorways. Entrance lights are often integrated into building design and are also what make entrances safe, accessible, and visible to guests.

Path Lighting

Path lighting makes it easy to see walkways and can also be a huge aesthetic boost to property. Paved, gravel, and tiled paths benefit from path lighting because it makes it safer for people to walk in the dark. Path lighting may be integrated in pathways, set as an outlining feature, or be elevated to shine down on pathways. Above all, a well-lit path is inviting and welcomes guests and clients. Nobody likes to stumble in the dark!


Just as design and architecture make a building catch your eye during the day, decorative lighting keeps a building looking spectacular at night. Silhouette lights are popular because they are perfect to accent unique architectural features and landscaping. Spot lighting or sconce lights are ideal for highlighting walls, soffits, and signage.

There are endless styles for traditional and contemporary outdoor lighting. Most commercial settings use a mix-and-match of the different styles of lighting fixtures. By investing in attractive lighting, you will differentiate your business from the competition. Even if people do not know what a business is all about, they will recognize it because of its unique design and lighting. Working with professionals such as those at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is recommended to create the perfect lighting system for your setting.