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Integrating LEDs into Landscape Lighting

Landscaping is that critical part of outdoor home design that makes a house stand out. The savvy owner knows there is no reason to invest a bunch of time and resources into a beautiful landscape if it is just going to disappear into the night. Install a landscape lighting system to show off your hard work and make your home more appealing for evening gatherings. Another reason to light a landscape is safety and security.

Though outdoor lighting systems were originally designed to enhance security, technology and desire for aesthetics have taken lighting systems to a whole new level. Artistically illuminating a landscape with a variety of fixtures like down lights, spotlights, path lights, and floodlights is hot right now. LEDs are especially popular because of their versatility and extreme energy efficiency.

LEDs (light emitting diode) are high-tech lights that produce light through electroluminescence, not a filament. LEDs take a fraction of the energy that traditional bulbs burn to produce the same light. They are ideal for yards because of their extreme versatility and beautiful light.

Besides extreme energy efficiency, LEDs offer a long list of other benefits. For example, an LED fixture may last for 5 years or more. The lamps do not emit radiation or heat.

LED lighting example

Most often, LED fixtures accent parts of the property. They are often seen as path lights, spotlights, and unique fixtures like color changing globes. LEDs are sold as bulbs or complete fixtures. It is possible to retrofit an existing system by switching out the bulbs (depending on the type of fixture). Try adding some color and visual appeal with the unique fixtures now on the market.

The upfront costs associated with a landscape LED lighting system are a little higher than with traditional systems. However, when you consider the energy savings and the long life, LED systems are less expensive than their traditional counterparts. LEDs may be used as directional or diffused lighting, so they are perfect for decking out your entire yard. There will be a noticeable difference on your power bill if you switch from traditional to LED lighting.