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Providing Outdoor Lighting in Chattanooga for a Good Cause

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we are constantly surprised by the generosity of not only our clients, but our local owners who provide beautiful outdoor lighting systems for their clients. We are thrilled to hear how they are giving back to their communities but also to nonprofits that are looking to make a difference. Joe Bozich of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Chattanooga recently donated an outdoor lighting system to a charity in his area for their annual live auction, and the finished product was gorgeous!

Since opening his outdoor lighting company in Chattanooga, Joe has been extremely active in his local community. He is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and won the Home Builders Association of Southern Tennessee’s Rookie of the Year after his first year of business. Additionally, he prides himself on being active with non profits in the area. In November, Joe and his team donated a seven light lighting package to the live auction for the American Lung Association of Tennessee. The event included cocktails, dinner, karaoke and more. When it came time for the live auction, the lighting package raised $1,100 for the cause!

The winner of the low voltage lighting system is a Family Practice doctor who lives in the country. The house sits in a valley with beautiful mountain views for miles. It was, however, very very dark at night due to its remote location. The owner of the home wanted to make it easier for guests to find his home by up-lighting the exterior. He ended up adding several more LED light fixtures to the already purchased package to make sure the finished product is exactly what he envisioned.

outdoor lighting chattanooga winner

The house itself is a crisp white color with yellow shudders. Joe installed LED fixtures for its white appearance so it wouldn’t make the house look yellow. The front, as you can see, has a beautiful wrap around deck. Well lights were installed at the base of each of the columns to highlight the architectural details of the porch without blinding anyone on it. This is an important part of any well designed outdoor lighting system. Too many times, spot lights are installed in places where the light beam can go directly into someone’s view. Our goal at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is to make the light, not the fixture the star of the show.

Above the porch, two small spot lights were installed along the gutter line to highlight the second level of the home. Doesn’t the outdoor lighting make the house look stunning against the dark night’s sky?

In addition to highlighting the house, the homeowner wanted to add tree lighting so some of the trees on the property for visual interest. Up-lighting the trees was done by installing LED well lights at the base of the trunks. A warm wash of light was shot directly up the tree, highlighting its texture and lovely branches. I hope to see another picture when the leaves are back in the springtime.

We are proud to see Joe and his team provide such a great job for such a wonderful cause. If you have questions regarding outdoor lighting in your area, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.