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LED Landscape Lighting Brightens Home and Deck in Long Island

LED landscape lighting has been growing in popularity over the last few years and has been a staple in the lighting industry. Technology has improved greatly and due to its energy efficiency, LED is a wonderful option when considering outdoor lighting. LED bulbs last much longer than standard low voltage lights and require much less maintenance, making it very useful in many installations (including fixtures that may be in hard to reach areas). Recently our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island location installed two residential outdoor lighting systems using LED lights that have enhanced the respective properties beautifully.

The first takes place in the front of the client’s home. Amy and Dennis Downling, who are the local experts in outdoor lighting in Long Island, were called to this home because there wasn’t sufficient lighting after dark. The house itself has a lovely stucco finish with large front columns. The columns not only have ornate details at the top, but also stone bases as anchors. These dominating features, however, couldn’t be appreciated at night. The addition of LED lights fixed that.

The Dowlings designed a lighting system that highlights the features and textures of the home. LED up lights were installed at the base of each of the four front columns. Despite being low voltage (the system uses less than 100 watts!), LED provides enough light output to illuminate the columns from the stone base to the very top architectural details. From the warm stucco color to the green landscaping, the white LEDlight allows the colors on the property to pop.

outdoor lighting long island

The second LED lighting project from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives took place at the back of the house. This homeowner had a multi-level deck that included 2 sets of stairs and a hot tub. LED lights were installed onto several of the posts as well as the top and bottom of the stairs to provide sure-footing. Take a look at the picture and notice how well lit the deck and stairs are. The LEDs are bright enough to light the entire area although they are only situated on the posts. The complete system included 20 deck light fixtures and uses less than 80 watts!

While energy efficiency is important to us, we want to make sure that quality of the light output is high enough to ensure enhanced safety and security (as well as beauty). That’s why, for example, we utilized LEDlandscape lighting and not solar lighting. Solar lighting technology isn’t at the point where the performance is reliable. LED, however, is. The brightness as well as the color is very good. While the initial cost of LEDlighting fixtures may be higher than an incandescent or halogen fixture, the energy cost is much lower.

For those homeowners who are reading this and saying “I wish my existing lighting system was LED,” you do have options. Depending on the existing lighting system, it can be retrofitted using new LED bulbs.

If you have questions regarding LED landscape lighting or outdoor lighting in general, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.