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Just Because the Holidays Are Over, Doesn’t Mean Your Home Has to Go Dark

January can be a tough month for me. I’m forced to accept the holidays are over and life goes on as normal. Nothing makes me realize this more than my neighbors taking down and packing up their outdoor holiday displays.

Whether it is candles in the windows and string lights in the trees or an all out Griswold family Christmas, a lot of homeowners do some type of outdoor lighting for the holidays. It not only looks the home look festive, but also more welcoming for friends and family. Unfortunately, when those lights are taken down, so does the welcoming appearance and the neighborhood goes dark again.

Permanent architectural and landscape lighting is a great way to keep your home lit all year round and making your home look welcoming isn’t the only benefit!

Outdoor lighting adds to the safety and security of your property. When traveled paths are properly lit you know longer have to worry about guests tripping and falling on rouge toys or sticks. And, having lights makes your home look like someone is always there. Intruders are less like to approach and don’t have the normally dark areas to hide in.

So what are the best areas to light around a property? The first is the front of the home. Having the façade lit will make a huge difference in making your home more welcoming for friends and family. For me, the most important space is right around the front door where guests may have to wait a minute for the door to be answered. Take this portico for example, without the lighting the entire space would be dark except from the light inside. By using up lights on the front of the home and some column lighting, it’s the perfect spot to welcome guests.

The second part of the property to pay attention to is walkways. If you have paths that lead up to or around your home, you should have those lit. Path lights are the most common way to do this, but down lights are another options. By placing lights along the eaves of the home, or up in a tree shining down (an affect called moonlighting), your paths can be lit subtly.

If you have any interesting components of your property, like a fountain, statue or unique landscaping, you should consider adding some outdoor lighting. Those aspects of your property should be admired all day and night!

If you have questions on how to make your home more inviting with outdoor lighting, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.