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Outdoor Lighting Design - Trust the Professionals

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we take great pride in our designs. We do not simply stick some fixtures in the ground and call it a design. We take many components of the home, the property and the clients’ lifestyles in mind. If you want a truly stunning outdoor lighting system, it’s simple: hire a professional outdoor lighting company to do it. Here are a few things that pros make sure they pay attention to:

Indoor lifestyle. When up-lighting a home a trained designer always takes into accounts for what goes on inside the home as well as outside. They are sure all lighting does not appear as a spotlight in the bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, etc. People should be able to look out the windows without being blinded by light. Nighttime demonstrations can be extremely helpful in the design process so the client can check to be sure the light does not come inside the home. It should graze the homes exterior and go up, not in.

outdoor home lighting

Entryways. Lighting should not interfere with the homeowner or visitor as they walk to or from the front door. No spotlights! Spotlights shine right into the eyes of person and can impair their visions of steps and walkways. In this case, the lighting isn’t adding to the safety of the space, it’s making it worse!

Other Lighting Fixtures. While coach lights aren’t always part of our outdoor lighting designs, we do need to pay attention to them and other lights on the property and how they can enhance our design. For instance, we may dim the home’s coach lights so all the lighting looks elegant together and doesn’t compete. Balance of light is important in this case.

Spread of light. Homes with architectural lighting should have an even light across the exterior. Professionals outdoor lighting designers will make sure that all parts of the home are considering and there aren’t any dark spots. One issue that professionals can get around is large porch overhangs that may block light to a second floor.

Walkways. Path lighting can be very beautiful if done properly, but typically it is installed incorrectly. When installing high quality path lights that have a large light spread, it is easy to achieve the look with just a few fixtures. It is also a bonus if you can do so with as few as possible so they blend into their surroundings. Unfortunately too many people use too many fixtures and it looks as if you are walking down an airport runway!

Landscaping. Trained designers will typically find ways to highlight low growing flowers/ landscape beds where as someone who isn’t trained may just install lights in a line in the grass.

Water Designers will highlight cascading water features with both underwater lights and moon lighting casting down upon the water.

If you have any questions on outdoor lighting design, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.