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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Enhances

Everyone at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is thrilled to announce a new update to! Our goal in the new layout was to make the site more visually appealing and user-friendly.

If you want a little update on how things are organized, here you go!

The Inspiration section is all about beautiful imagery to get you thinking about ways you can use outdoor and landscape lighting on your property. The Curb Appeal section focuses on the front of the home. From stone and stucco facades to architectural features like columns and peaks, these pictures will show you how light can enhance your home’s first impression. Landscapes, you guessed it, features different landscape lighting applications. Outdoor Living Spaces focuses on the areas, often in the backyard, where you spend extended time outdoors, like decks and around pools. Outdoor lighting will increase the time spent outside. And last in the inspiration section is seasonal ideas which covers both holiday and special events.

The second section of the site is titled Solutions and provides details on outdoor lighting services: home illumination, holiday décor, proactive maintenance and commercial lighting. Home Illumination introduces you to our full service approach to residential outdoor lighting. Holiday Décor explains the benefits of professional holiday lighting. Instead of climbing up on that ladder yourself, you can have an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives team member, design, install, take down and store your holiday lights. Proactive maintenance is one service that sets us apart from our competitors. We view our relationship with our clients as just that: a relationship. Our maintenance programs ensure that your lights look great for years to come. And lastly: Commercial lighting. High quality and energy efficient lighting keeps your commercial properties looking great while saving you money.

The Design Section details our approach and philosophy to outdoor lighting, it’s all about the design. Sticking lights in the ground isn’t enough to create a beautiful lighting system that highlights the best parts of your property. This section covers the importance of design, our free nighttime demonstration, our superior fixtures and LED technology.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is America’s leading outdoor lighting provider and the Difference section explains why. Our experience and longevity, quality and warranty all set us apart from the typical outdoor lighting company.

The last section of is titled Connect, where you can engage and start a conversation with us. Here you will find a contact section, information about our sister companies in the outdoor living industry, have the ability to download our free outdoor living e-mag Loving Outdoor Living and learn more about OLP as a franchise opportunity.

Please take some time and explore the new We hope you enjoy.