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Enhancing Summer with Deck and Patio Lights

Memorial Day this weekend kicks off the beginning of summer, the season of sun, yard games and barbecues. If you enjoy outdoor entertaining, we know just the thing you need: deck and patio lights. Lighting your outdoor living spaces keeps your guests outside, but allows you to use the space later into the evening and nighttime hours.

Here are a few Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offices to get you thinking:

This first project has a beautiful backyard. It combines a curved paver patio, custom fire pit and outdoor kitchen, the perfect place to host friends and family. While the space has a lot of interest, it could be hazardous without light. OLP was invited to the yard to design a lighting system that doesn’t overwhelm the space, but instead highlights the beauty of it.

Downward facing deck lights and path lights were used throughout the space. High quality path lights were installed around the edges of the patio to cast a warm light throughout the space. Although there isn’t a deck, deck lights were used on the outdoor kitchen and the fire pit for safety. While the fire pit provides light in its own right, it’s important that guests clearly see the structure. Deck lights were placed on the edges highlighting the beautiful stone of the pit. The same lights were place under the outdoor kitchen’s bar top to bring it to life at night.

deck lights

This elevated wood deck is large and has room for both dining and entertaining friends and family. Unfortunately, when the sun went down, it was difficult to enjoy due to the darkness. Traditional deck lights were used on this space to bring it to life at night.

Deck lights can be installed on stairs or deck rail posts, shooting light downward. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives didn’t install lights on each and every light post as it would have been too overwhelming on the space. Instead, lights were placed on every few posts, providing adequate light for enjoying the deck.

If you have questions on enhancing your backyard living areas, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.