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Custom Pool lights in San Diego

Are you tired of having to stop swimming just because the sun went down? When the summer heat demands a refreshing swim, it doesn’t matter how late it is. Don’t let the oncoming darkness stop you from enjoying your pool. Let your poolside area come to life after the sun sets with outdoor lighting! At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of South San Diego, our professional exterior lighting contractors can create a pool lighting system that strategically places beautiful light fixtures around your pool area to highlight your water features and key areas of your pool, such as stairs and edges. We will work with you to design the perfect outdoor lighting system that will add more safety, fits your style and budget. We also offer LED lighting options so you can enjoy the pool all day and night without hurting your wallet!

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Why You Should Consider Pool Lighting Installation

You can use your pool when you want to: One of the best times for pool entertainment is after the sun goes down because you don’t have to worry about intense sun rays beating down on you. Don’t miss out on all the fun because you can’t see! With outdoor lighting installation for your poolside area, you can enjoy your pool anytime you like.

Exterior Pool Lighting

You can enjoy all the areas surrounding your pool: Our outdoor lighting company specializes in all types outdoor lighting so that we can install light fixtures to all of your outdoor living spaces along with the custom pool lighting. Your nighttime entertainment can travel from pool to patio, to deck, and even along your walkways. Whether you want a soft glow or multi-color display, we will use our precision-based outdoor lighting to transform your poolside area.

Get Custom Pool Lights for your San Diego pool Lighting!

You can create a safe pool for outdoor swims: Beyond showing off the best features of your pool and water features, professional pool lighting adds safety and security to your pool by deterring intruders and preventing injuries. Rest assured, you can relax by the poolside and not have to worry about impaired vision.

Custom Pool Lights


Our San Diego outdoor lighting contractors can inspect your current outdoor lighting system and update the light fixtures to new and improved ones. Our LED lighting upgrades save energy and perform better. Our upgrades will expertly update your old lighting system and give you brighter bulbs with better energy efficiency and less required maintenance.

Maintenance for Your Pool Lighting

Whether you’re a new client or have been returning to us for years, our outdoor lighting services team will keep your lights functioning correctly with our professional outdoor lighting maintenance services. When you work with a premier outdoor lighting company, you can sit back, relax, and let us do the work as we make sure your outdoor lighting system is fully functional to your 100% satisfaction.

Here’s what we do to keep your lighting system up to date:

  • Inspect and straighten the position of your fixtures
  • Replace burnt-out bulbs
  • Check and reset timers
  • Repair or rebury wires that have surfaced
  • Inspect transformers, connections, and voltage levels
  • Cut back any landscaping that’s covering the light design

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of South San Diego, we provide expert outdoor lighting design, installation, and maintenance services for your home and landscape.

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