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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Shines during the Lighting Installation

It is easy to see our passion for perfection through our premium, quality materials and our attention to detail in our consistently responsive customer service but the biggest difference is our professional lighting design and installation.

The installation is where Outdoor Lighting Perspectives shines the most. From pools to playgrounds, backyard grills to gazebos, landscapes to lounge areas, if it needs illuminating, we can transform it with inspiring, professional outdoor lighting.

Providing outdoor lighting is all about attention to detail and providing the best value for our client’s investment. We install our lighting fixtures to be optimally positioned throughout your property and wires carefully and completely buried to make the outdoor lighting look subtle and natural. Our installers are so meticulous that when they leave your property, most likely it will be in better shape than they found it.

By installing outdoor lighting, you’ll increase time spent outdoors, provide safety and security for family and guests, and will subtly set the mood for whatever you have going on that evening.


  • Copper and brass fixtures with corrosion-proof materials
  • LED bulbs that last incredibly long
  • Smart timers that never need reprogramming
  • With the addition of a server, we have the opportunity to change any of your settings remotely

These are just a few factors that make OLP a unique, passionate and professional outdoor lighting company. Don’t leave your home in the dark, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Virginia Beach at (757) 665-2668 to get started with a nighttime demonstration. We look forward to lighting the night with you!