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You Wouldn't Design Your Home Interior with Plastic Lights, Why Design Your Outdoor Exterior with Them?

Superior Outdoor Light Fixtures

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Virginia Beach offers comprehensive custom design for your home’s exterior illumination. From the artful use of special outdoor lighting techniques and effects, to the consistent brightness we achieve through the subtle and well-orchestrated placement of our exceptional outdoor light fixtures, we deliver professional results that can match every taste and architecture.

You wouldn’t design the inside of your home with cheap, plastic lighting fixtures so why would you do the same outdoors? When it comes to choosing hardware for your outdoor lighting system, we set the highest standards with our corrosion-proof outdoor light fixtures, wires and lamps.  The solid copper and brass takes on a rich patina over time, blending beautifully into your landscape.

LED Outdoor Light Technology

Our energy-efficient fixtures boast a long life expectancy and a consistent light output. We use multiple voltage transformers in our low-voltage installations, allowing your lamps to use 50-60% less energy while delivering the perfect amount of illumination. Our state-of-the-art LED technology plays a major role in boosting efficiency at your home too. We’re so confident of our equipment’s performance and durability that we offer unmatched warranty coverage.

Today’s environmentally-friendly LED technology offers beautiful light coupled with energy savings and longevity. Consider the LED advantages:

  • High efficiency - Up to 80% savings in electricity.
  • Longer bulb life - Better illumination plus the ability to control light direction.
  • Warm, pleasing color - Far superior to the bright white/bluish hue of previous LED technology.
  • Instant on - No flicker, no delay.
  • No toxic materials - Reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Added durability - Operates in extreme heat and cold.

See and Feel the Quality

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Virginia Beach, we schedule a free consultation to discuss your outdoor lighting needs in order to design the right outdoor lighting for your home. Not only do we design with you in mind, we also offer a nighttime demonstration that allows you to see the lighting design and feel the quality light fixtures before saying yes to anything!

Planter Lighting

Call (757) 665-2668 or email to schedule your free design consultation and follow us on Facebook or Instagram to continue reading about our outdoor lighting process!