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What Are Your Reasons For Installing Outdoor Lighting At Your Williamsburg, VA, Home?

If you’re looking into professional outdoor lighting for your home in Williamsburg, you might think the basic question is this: to light or not to light? But first, let’s take a step back. What has brought you to this point? What situation or realization is driving you to weigh your options with regard to outdoor lighting? Looking back on conversations we’ve had with our Williamsburg clients over the years, below are several factors that led them to call us for outdoor lighting.

Williamsburg MapBeauty or safety?

When you first thought of installing outdoor lighting, was it for beauty or safety? Had you noticed a neighbor’s yard when it went from barely lit to stunningly beautiful, and you learned they’d hired a professional outdoor lighting designer? Or had you seen one too many news reports about darkened homes being more likely targets for prowlers? Either way, you win if you call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to design and install the lighting for your home. Lighting we install for beauty will also serve as a security measure, and lighting we install for safety will also show your home off beautifully. You can’t lose!

Stair Lighting

Front yard or back?

Do you have to choose between these two opposites? No, you don’t. We definitely recommend setting up professional landscape lighting in your front and back yards. Who benefits? You do, every time you look out the window or spend time relaxing outdoors after dark. In the front, the combination of landscape lighting and architectural lighting for your home’s façade will impress your neighbors and improve your property’s curb appeal exponentially. You’ll enjoy this lighting every time you return home after dark, greeted by a warm, welcoming glow. In the back, you’re more likely to enjoy time on your deck or patio after sunset if you have the right deck and patio lighting. We can arrange that for you.

Festive or soothing?

This is a tough one. Many homeowners initially choose soothing, low-key outdoor lighting for their backyard deck and patio. What they’re looking for is relaxation and a peaceful ambiance whether it’s for themselves, relaxing with a glass of wine after dinner, or for entertaining friends. So we set that up for them, and they love it, until … they need to have a big party. They call us to install festive string lighting for the event, and they love it so much they use it all the time after that. We can set it up so you have these two different types of lighting run by two different switches. That way you can choose between festive or soothing lights on any given evening.

Professional or DIY?

For outdoor lighting in Williamsburg, VA, you need to leave the actual work to the professionals. This one’s a no-brainer unless you personally happen to be an experienced professional outdoor lighting designer and installer. Otherwise, you’ll do much better to call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Virginia Beach to design and install outdoor lighting for your home. We’re good at this because we have training and experience and we do it every day. We’ll still need your help, though. We’ll need you to tell us why you want outdoor lighting installed (please refer to the questions above) because your goals for your outdoor lighting will guide the lighting design we create for your home. We’ll need you to tell us which specific trees, shrubs or flowers you want to use as focal points for landscape lighting. Ultimately the lighting design for your home will be a collaboration we work on together. But we’re the ones who get to climb the ladders, ok?

Beauty and safety. Front yard and back. Festive and soothing. In these dueling scenarios, the obvious answer is this: Both! Luckily, the only real decision you need to make is not whether to call us, but when to call us.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Virginia Beach is the most trusted name in Williamsburg, VA, outdoor lighting, call us at (757) 665-2668. We look forward to hearing from you soon!