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When Does Transformative Landscape Lighting in Williamsburg, VA, Become A Necessity Rather Than a Luxury?

Would a first-time visitor to your home be able to see how beautiful your yard is? Why do we hide our yards at night when the addition of landscape lighting could easily reveal their beauty? Some describe a well-illuminated nighttime landscape as even more beautiful than the daytime version.

The right landscape lighting can deepen the colors in your garden. Strategically-placed illumination can pull some of your trees and plants forward while sending others back into darkness, creating depth and a beautiful dynamic of light and shadow. If your home’s beauty is important to you, then finding the best landscape lighting in Williamsburg, VA, is essential.

6 Reasons You Really Must Add Landscape Lighting to Your Williamsburg Home

1. You’ll enjoy seeing the beauty of your gardens at night.

If you’re a gardener, why limit your enjoyment of the gardens to those times when you go out to work in them? With landscape lighting, you can sit back on your porch, deck or patio and simply enjoy looking at the results of your hard work. While working in the garden is therapeutic for the gardener, appreciating the beauty of those gardens can have a restorative effect on anyone. Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Virginia Beach refresh your perspective with garden lighting at your home.

Landscape Lighting

2. Your family will spend more time enjoying your outdoor living spaces.

Does your deck or patio lie empty at night without anyone venturing out in the darkness? We predict that if you add landscape lighting around these areas, you and your family will spend many more hours of enjoyment outside. So much of our “down time” occurs in the evening after sunset. Let’s spend more of it outside! Landscape lighting around a deck or patio creates a welcoming and relaxing ambiance while also increasing safety for places like deck stairs.

3. You can proudly show off the beauty of your landscape at night to your friends, neighbors and anyone passing your home.

Whether you’ve put your own sweat equity into that beautiful landscape or hired someone to take care of it for you, don’t accept that it stays hidden at night. Professionally designed and installed landscape lighting elevates your yard to a different level compared to any neighbors’ yards without lighting. Have one of the best-dressed homes on your street at night! We often refer to this as nighttime curb appeal. When it comes to landscape lighting in Williamsburg, VA, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Virginia Beach is the company who supplies the best nighttime curb appeal.

4. Adding pathway lighting for safety is a way to show respect to your family and guests.

Pathway Lighting

There is no need for your friends, family and guests to fumble along your walkways at night or use a toe to reach out and locate the next step. With a little landscape lighting—and it doesn’t take much to make a huge difference—everyone will be able to see where they’re going at night. From driveway to front porch or garage; from back steps to patio; from deck down to yard … these and other walkways can be difficult to navigate in the dark. Stepping stones are an accident in waiting because they shift and become uneven.

5. You will enjoy the pool more at night in the summers.

Aaah, the cooling power of a swimming pool at the end of a long day is something everyone enjoys. Soothe away tiredness or stress with a midnight swim or just a dip in the pool before bed at night. With landscape lighting around your pool area, not only will you increase safety, you’ll create an alluring getaway at home. Landscape lighting truly does enhance your pool experience because it delights the senses.

Path Lighting

6. Tree lighting is magical and magnificent.

Yes, we saved the best for last: trees, those mighty trees. In the daytime we take their beauty for granted, sometimes barely noticing them as we rush by or stare out the window without seeing. The trunks, the branches and the leaves—each part of a tree has its unique beauty, and the total effect of a tree illuminated with landscape lighting will always outweigh the sum of its parts. Our professional landscape lighting designers have a variety of light fixtures and lighting techniques they can use to reveal the beauty of your most impressive trees.

Want proof? When you call to schedule your free design consultation, be sure to ask about our no-obligation nighttime lighting demonstration. We offer that extra service so you can see the effects of landscape lighting for yourself, before we install your custom lighting design. We’re sure you’ll be amazed.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Virginia Beach is the most trusted landscape lighting company in Williamsburg, VA, and surrounding areas, call us today at (757) 665-2668. We look forward to hearing from you soon!