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When It's Time to Enjoy Outdoor Lighting Suffolk, VA Homes Do It Right

As much as you enjoy the outdoors during the day, shouldn’t you be able to enjoy the outdoors at night, too, at home? Yes, at home! When it gets too dark, when you can no longer see your way around, do you just give up and go inside? We want to propose that you remedy that situation by having professional outdoor lighting installed at your home. This forward-thinking act will render all of your outdoor living areas just as enjoyable at night as they are in the daytime—perhaps even more so.

Nighttime can be exceedingly peaceful around your Suffolk, VA, home, especially if you live away from traffic and modern-day noise. With subtle outdoor lighting around your home and property, we help you find the balance between total darkness and too much light. We can arrange just the right amount of ambient light outdoors so you can see your way at night but still enjoy the peaceful darkness surrounding your gently-illuminated home. We are Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Virginia Beach, and we provide the kind of outdoor lighting Suffolk, VA residents have been looking for.

Best Places Around Your Suffolk Home for Outdoor Lighting

The first and best place around your home for outdoor lighting IS your home itself. Our lighting designer has several lighting fixtures to use for illuminating your home depending on the architectural features of your home’s façade and what plantings you have around it. As you can see in this photo, we can gently illuminate your home by washing just the right amount of light over the textures and contours of the exterior. We don’t shine light into your windows; we enhance your home’s beauty and give it an additional presence you didn’t see when it was enfolded in darkness.

Exterior House Lighting

Moving from the house out into the yard, we turn our attention to illuminating your landscape. While the overall effect is that the whole landscape is basking in soothing lights, in fact we select only specific trees and plants to receive light. Again our lighting designer uses different fixtures depending on what lighting technique would work best for each feature of your landscape. One light washes up a tree trunk, another shines down from within a treetop and another sends a warm glow up into the canopy of an ornamental tree.

In the photo below, you can see that these homeowners elected to primarily use low lighting to keep the focus at ground level. Each of our lighting plans is custom-designed for the home where it is installed, and we consult with the homeowners about their preferences for the lighting design.

Driveway Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Works Best When it Serves Dual Purposes

The photo below provides the perfect illustration of outdoor lighting that enhances the beauty of your home while increasing safety, too. The walkway to this home’s front door receives sufficient light from landscape lighting so guests don’t have to make their way to your front steps in darkness. The steps themselves, while not under bright lights, are plenty visible so no one will have trouble finding their footing going up or down the steps. Amidst all that safety, look how beautiful and welcoming the home appears. What you are looking at here is nighttime curb appeal. Anyone arriving at this home, resident or guest, will instantly feel warmly welcomed.

Porch Lighting

Another example of beautiful landscape lighting multi-tasking are these path lights along a classic brick walkway. These small light fixtures provide just enough light to give your greenery a soft glow while illuminating the walkway for safe passage. Landscape lighting enhances the beauty of your yard at night while removing areas of pitch dark where anyone could trip and fall.

Pathway Lighting

Let Outdoor Lighting Enhance Outdoor Living at Your Suffolk, VA, Home

As you have seen, there are many places around your home where we can effectively use subtle outdoor lighting to increase safety and enhance the beauty you’ve created there. Our favorite places for lighting are your outdoor living spaces. Whether it’s a deck, patio or pool area, we can add soothing, restorative light to the places you enjoy most. The darkness can be peaceful, and we don’t want to disturb that quality. We just want to increase your time for relaxation outdoors with low-level mood lighting and give you enough illumination that you don’t trip over patio furniture or fall down the deck stairs.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Virginia Beach is the most trusted name in Suffolk VA outdoor lighting, call us today at (757) 665-2668. We look forward to hearing from you soon!