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Why You Should Give Outdoor Lighting in Norfolk, VA, More Than a Passing Glance

While change is a constant condition in Norfolk, Virginia, one fact of life here does not change. Every home and every business in the Norfolk area looks better—or would look better—with professional outdoor lighting. That’s a strong statement, and we stand by it.

If you doubt this statement, just look around when you’re driving after dark and notice how effective outdoor lighting is in residential areas as well as at commercial establishments. If you jog or walk at night through your neighborhood (wearing a safety vest with reflectors!) look closely at homes you see with outdoor lighting. Compare these homes to their “unlit” neighbors. The difference should convince you.

Exterior House Lighting

Why You’ll Feel Good About Outdoor Lighting at Your Norfolk Home

We have a Norfolk client who says that, since adding outdoor lighting to her home, she gets a joyful feeling every time she arrives home at night. When she turns the corner and her home comes into view, she is glad, again, that she decided to invest in outdoor lighting. Her sheer joy is triggered by light fixtures, light bulbs and wiring.

Outdoor lighting turns out to be more than the sum of the electrical components of the lighting system. It’s intangible. It’s a feeling of pride when you view the beauty of your home and your yard at night. It’s the confidence that your home extends a welcoming gesture to your guests. It’s the certainty that you’ve done all you can to provide safe, well-lit walkways and steps at your home to eliminate potential trip-and-fall hazards.

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Why You Need Outdoor Lighting in Norfolk, VA

If you’ve put time, effort and money into making your home attractive and your landscaping beautiful, you enjoy seeing it in the daytime, but where does it go at night? Into hiding, that’s where. Why let that beauty go dark every night? Enhancing the beauty of their homes at night is the number one reason our Norfolk outdoor lighting clients give for adding professionally designed and installed lighting to their homes. Landscape lighting, especially, does more than just “show off” your yard at night. It adds a range of depth and texture to your home, your landscape, your bushes, trees and gardens that you don’t see in the daytime. Outdoor lighting transforms.

The second reason our Norfolk clients give for adding outdoor lighting is to increase safety. You may know your walkways, paths and steps like the back of your hand, but do your guests? When you arrive at someone else’s home that’s not well-lit, do you wish you had a flashlight to see your way to their front door? (Note: outdoor lighting can be set up on a schedule so you don’t have to remember to turn on the “porch light.”) Have you ever stumbled when the edge of someone’s driveway wasn’t even with their grass and you took an unexpected step down in the darkness?

Third in the “why you need lighting” line-up is security. Outdoor lighting, which is usually a combination of architectural lighting and landscape lighting, eliminates the dark spots around your home and removes hiding places prowlers look for. If intruders know you or a neighbor can look out a window and see them, they will move on.

Exterior House Lighting

The fourth reason you need outdoor lighting in Norfolk, VA, is to increase your enjoyment of the outdoor living spaces at your home. Candlelight and tiki torches only do so much to illuminate a deck or patio. When you add landscape and safety lighting around your outdoor living spaces, you’ll find that you use those areas more frequently and longer into the night. Deck lights on stair risers are essential. Task lighting at key points around the countertop of your outdoor kitchen is extremely useful. Pool lighting simply makes the pool usable at night where it wasn’t when you had no lights. Lighting the pathway from the pool to the house is great for those summer evenings when the kids go into the pool in daylight and come out in darkness.

Why Outdoor Lighting is More Affordable Than it Used to Be

If you had outdoor lighting prior to LED technology, you’re in for a surprise. Our state-of-the-art, professional-grade LED lights are up to 80% more energy efficient than incandescent and halogen lights. If you switch to LED lights, you’ll see immediate savings on your monthly electrical bills. If you have halogen lights, we can upgrade your outdoor lighting fixtures to take LED bulbs.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Virginia Beach is the premier outdoor lighting company in Norfolk, VA, and surrounding areas, call us today at (757) 665-2668. We look forward to hearing from you soon!