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String Lighting for your Wilmington Palm Trees Add Class and Sophistication

The palm tree is one of the most distinguishable signs of a warm tropical area. Distinct in look and unique in purpose, in Wilmington we enjoy their year-round presence. Chances are that your landscape is home to at least one of these heat and sun loving beauties. Palms are a sure sign you are at the beach, signifying the soft sand and all things tropical. At times, it can feel as if they’re never changing look needs some variation. Under the cover of night and with the right outdoor lighting, we can change your palms up a bit. If you’re looking to tastefully transform your palm trees into something more sophisticated or festive, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington suggests wrapping them in LED string lights.

Strings lights are no longer strictly used for holiday lighting. With the right design and the right canvas, string lighting can add class, flair and sophistication to your landscape all year long. Many restaurants and bistros use small string lighting to bring their outdoor venues to life. A perfect example is that quaint little coffee shop on the corner. Thanks to the small twinkling string lights wrapped around the decorated patio, it shines at night. The same stunning effect can be applied to your palm trees. The tiny LED lights will illuminate the unique texture and shape of the tree at night. Giving off just the right amount of light creates the illusion of glowing stars. It completely changes the atmosphere of the entire palm tree. Go from beach and sand to beautifully sleek with a flip of a switch.


String Lighting on Palm TreesString lighting is a type of temporary outdoor lighting that is easily accessible to everyone. With the ability to buy them anywhere, people often use them for a festive party or holiday and then take them down when time allows. Even though we focus in permanent outdoor fixtures, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington designs and installs temporary outdoor lighting with passionate dedication. We can flawlessly blend the lights into your landscape for a clean, professional look. We only offer the best even when it comes to temporary festive or string lights. These small LED string lights can even run on batteries to meet even your most unique needs without wires running amok. With our skilled hands, your LED string lights can shine for months on end, enhancing your home and yard through every season.

Give your palm trees the attention they deserve. Create a perfect, sophisticated look with the addition of small LED string lighting. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how classy these temporary outdoor lights can be. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington to get started today. We’ll come out and create a custom design just for you and even provide a complimentary nighttime demonstration so you can see what outdoor lighting can do for your home and landscaping. Call (910) 356-8203 or email us today.