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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington Knocks one Out of the Park with the St. James Beach Club Outdoor Lighting Installation

We’re excited to share that we’ve completed our outdoor lighting project at St. James Beach Club in the St. James Plantation Community of Oak Island, NC. We were beyond thrilled when the call came in to upgrade most of the current fixtures to LED as well as adding more outdoor lights around the property. The upgrade to LED will save the club up to 80% on its lighting costs as well as giving them and their members the peace of mind of knowing their carbon footprint will be much lower. The addition of more lights around the parking lot and leading out to the beach will enhance safety and security to go with the beachy night time ambiance so members can enjoy all the club has to offer even better after dark.

The St. James Beach Club has a large quantity of decking leading into the front entrance, around the pool and out to the beach. We were able to install 92 new LED deck lights to illuminate the stairs leading into the club from the parking lot, around the pool area for night time swimming, and leading out to the beach from the clubhouse. Deck lights are a perfect solution for creating a splendid perimeter around the entertainment area by the pool, inviting guests to swim, relax and enjoy a cocktail poolside. When added to deck railings along the dock and down the stairs, our outdoor lights create an invitation for members to follow the path and enjoy a walk on the beach after dark.

Stairway Lighting

With the addition of 10 well lights around the perimeter of the St. James Beach Club clubhouse we were able to illuminate the gorgeous palm trees. By shining these well lights up the trunks of the trademark beach club palmettos for nighttime viewing, we were able to create an entrance that is inviting and sets the beachside mood members want to experience day or night. By putting focus on the palm trees instead of a huge flood light on the door, we gently encourage members to come into the club with a relaxing soft wash of light. Members are treated to increased visisbility and dining ambiance with our addition of 6 BB-02 LED stick lights in the eating area within the clubhouse.

There is nothing better than enjoying a meal or a cocktail on the deck beachside. With the cooler, salty night breeze coming in off of the water and the sounds of the lapping waves, it is imperative to illuminate the outdoor eating area just right. With soft focused lights hanging far above the tables, the St. James Beach Club invites members to hang out well into the night with their food and drinks without attracting annoying insects. These soft focused washes of light that allow for shadows and intrigue in between the task areas is a perfect technique for creating the right mood.

Pool Lighting

With the installation and upgrade of 108 lights, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington was able to make a huge impact on the atmosphere of the St. James Beach Club after dark. From the pool deck, to the outdoor eating area, the parking lot and the dock leading out to the beach we were able to increase safety and create an illuminated atmosphere that is warm and inviting for the members of the club.

Stairway lighting

If you are a club owner, project manager or homeowner ready to upgrade an existing system or start afresh contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today to learn more about getting started. You can reach us by phone at (910) 356-8203.