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Add Art to Your Wilmington Landscape with Decorative Outdoor Lighting

Typically when we design an outdoor lighting system, we focus on the illuminated and how we are going to best highlight your home’s features without drawing attention to the light fixture itself. No doubt our gorgeous brass and copper outdoor lighting fixtures deserve a little bit of attention, but our goal is for them to fit into your landscape and let the focus be on the featured area. Not anymore! With attraction lights we can add beautiful works of art to your landscape that just happen to work as functional outdoor lighting.

Decorative Outdoor Lights in Wilmington

These gorgeous decorative lighting fixtures come in a variety of sizes and shapes from 13” high 6”x6” around, all the way up to 10 feet tall and 8”x8” square. With a design to fit every style, the possibilities are endless. Use the 17 inch decorative lights as path lighting in your garden or along your walk way. Or go all in with a 100” tall 9×9 spire at the end of your dock to act as a beacon calling you in from that nighttime boat ride.

The Art of Lighting

Creating an outdoor lighting system has always required an artistic touch. There is no one-size fits all outdoor lighting standard process that we can repeat for every homeowner. Every design we create is a one of a kind masterpiece that is custom created based on the home’s design and the family’s unique needs. With the addition of attraction lights to our arsenal of lighting fixtures we can truly make your home a beautiful piece of modern art.

Designer Shadows

The cut-outs in these brilliant outdoor decorative lights create designer shadows around the area in which they illuminate. And if you look closer, within the light fixture there is an added high fashion dimension that occurs when the sun sets and the light goes on. With a design to fit every style you are sure to find an attraction light you love. Choose from modern swirly, rustic pine trees, gorgeous floral patterns or simple Asian inspired lines. No matter what your home’s style we have an attraction light that will fit right in.

If you’ve been trying to find the perfect sculpture, fountain or centerpiece for your flower beds, consider attraction lights from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington. Call today for your free consultation and complimentary nighttime demonstration. (910) 356-8203 Or visit our website at