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Reach Your Goals for Being Greener this Year with an LED Conversion of Your Wilmington Outdoor Lighting System

Each year you start out with an empty recycle bin ready to fill. You’re passionate about being greener, using less energy, recycling more and conserving water. As the year wears on, life’s other priorities take over your time and focus as you let some of those goals fall away. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington is here to help you reach those greener goals with zero daily habit changes, by converting your outdoor lighting system to LED.

Energy Savings

By retrofitting your current outdoor lighting system to LED you’ll be saving energy every single day, with zero effort. An average-sized 15 light LED outdoor lighting system uses just slightly more energy than the standard 60 Watt light bulb we all grew up with, about 75 watts. If you are currently running a halogen system with the same number of lights you could be using as much as 450 Watts. That energy use adds up very fast over the course of a year.

Cost Savings

Pull out your latest electric bill. You’ll see something marked KWH. That is your kilowatt-hours usage and accounts for the main portion of your electric bill each month. One kilowatt-hour is equal to using 1,000 Watts an hour. Equal to powering a 100 Watt light bulb for 10 hours. Doing the math to compare our 75 Watt LED system and our 450 Watt halogen systems mentioned above is a perfect exercise for realizing the cost savings.

Let’s say we run each system for 6 hours per night for 365 days per year. The LED system will use 164,250 Watts (164.25 KWH) throughout the year. The halogen system will use 985,500 Watts (985.5 KWH) throughout the year. With the average residential cost per KWH in NC coming in at 10.91 cents or $.1091, you’ll spend $17.20 running the LED system and $107.52 running halogen. Our LED system only costs 16% of what the halogen system costs to run. That savings is huge!

LED Outdoor Lighting Installation

LED outdoor lighting systems are a no-brainer for new system installations. So much so that it is essentially all we’ve been installing for the past three years. If you are starting with a new LED outdoor lighting system, the upfront cost is not much more than halogen. And with electricity savings and the good feeling of being greener, you will be glad you chose LED for your Wilmington area outdoor lighting.

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