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Party Hearty Till Dawn with Wilmington Deck Lighting

Have you ever noticed that the best decks, where people have the most fun at night, are the ones with the best outdoor lighting? Deck lighting is a thing! Before we had great deck lighting, the fun died down after sunset. Now, we have these great LED string lights, festive party lights sturdy enough to leave up year round!

Old Deck Lighting (Bad)

People used to buy their festive party lights at the party store or garden center. They were cheap, plastic and flimsy and they came with a warning not to leave them up longer than 90 days. (The lights, not the people.) They were cute, as a novelty, but they didn’t provide much light and they couldn’t keep a party going.

New Deck Lighting (Good!)

Pool LightingOutdoor Lighting Perspectives can light your deck with professional-grade outdoor string lighting using LED bulbs. Instead of plastic, the top of each light is rubber and can withstand full-on beach weather all year long. Why should you care? Because these lights are more fun! They shout “Party!” when you turn them on. What’s more, LED requires less energy than other kinds of lighting, so you’ll want to have another party when you see your electric bill.

Living near the beach, our decks seem to represent good times. Decks go with the beach lifestyle, casual, hanging out, partying. You have fun on the deck, and decks are everywhere — at home, at the restaurants and bars, at the beach. On decks without fun lighting, the party dies down after dark, and people drift away. Where do they go? To decks with fun lighting! Where people are having more fun and the parties don’t end until sunrise!

More Deck Lighting (Good!)

There’s another kind of deck lighting, too, besides festive party lights. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can install these little LED lights on your deck posts or under the railings. Each little light casts a soft glow onto the deck for a relaxing and romantic ambiance. Aren’t there times when you want to have fun on the deck with soft mood lighting rather than bright, festive party lighting?

So you live in a party town. Summer is coming and you have a choice to make. You can have the boring deck where the party dies at sunset, or you can party the summer away on your deck with great deck lighting. What will you choose?

If you are ready to party the whole night through, this summer and always, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today. (910) 356-8203  We provide the best deck lighting on the North Carolina coast.