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Don't Deck the Halls, Deck Your Deck This Holiday Season

Okay, you can deck the halls too. But adding lighting to your deck this winter is a perfect present to yourself, to get you ready for spring, long before spring arrives.

I can’t hear the phrase “deck the halls” without thinking of the beloved outdoor living space, the backyard deck. Decks are truly becoming an extension of indoor living spaces. Allowing homeowners to get outdoors as often as possible, in a space that is as comfortable as inside. Soft on your feet, not cold like a patio; if you have a deck you likely hope to eat meals, read and relax, entertain and spend as much time as possible on it. But, often, decks go without the proper lighting to truly make them an extension of the indoors.

Deck Lighting Design Ideas

Start with function and then add in the fun with your choice of Wilmington deck lighting.

Safety Can Be Beautiful

Stairs are tripping hazards. It is a fact of life. We offer stair riser lights that can be mounted flush in your stair riser for clear visibility on each and every step. With the addition of downlighting under your stair railing, the least nimble of your friends and family will safely navigate your deck stairs after sunset.

Popular Perimeter Lighting

Deck railings are a popular and practical place to add ambient deck lighting. The result is a gorgeous perimeter glow so your family and guests alike can easily see how far the deck extends into the yard. Don’t forget the posts! Post lighting provides a similar lighting effect, but with a more decorative flair as they are placed on the top of each deck post.

Fun and Festive Deck Lighting

While all of our deck lighting adds fun to your deck, allowing you to entertain after dark, we have an especially joyful and popular light for you! Festive string lights, the nostalgic large circular kind that hangs overhead like when the fair comes to town. Ours are LED and custom hung at your home to the exact measurement. They are meant to be left up year-round and are a permanent addition to your deck. Flipping the switch, your deck turns from everyday life, to a party, in an instant.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today to discuss your deck lighting options. (910) 356-8203 We can install your deck lights long before spring arrives, so you can begin planning your first spring barbecue. We look forward to working with you.