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The Fort Fisher Aquarium Gets a Nighttime Face Lift with Gorgeous Outdoor Lighting

When you think of visiting the Fort Fisher aquarium at Kure Beach, you probably think of the various tanks inside the building with amazing sea North Carolina Aquariumcreatures swimming around. You think of school children on field trips and young families getting a taste of what lies beneath the vast sea. But, did you know, that the Fort Fisher Aquarium features an extensive boardwalk and outdoor exhibits? Did you know that they also host special events such as weddings and fundraisers in the evening after the aquarium is closed for the day?

Custom Commercial Outdoor Lighting

The outdoor area at the Fort Fisher Aquarium features a patio area, playground, dinosaur exhibits and a large dock for observing marine life in their natural environments. The boardwalk also leads to various adjoining trails like the Ramsgate trail and the Aquarium path, for magnificent nature walks.

We recently had the pleasure of providing outdoor lighting for these areas. With the addition of path lighting and dock lighting, the winding pathways and boardwalk are not only functional at night for special events such as weddings and fundraisers; but they create a stunning backdrop for a magical ambiance.

Meanwhile, we added LED commercial path lighting to the winding nature path, which guides the way with subtle illumination for sure footing and soft glow.

But, you have to see it to believe it. Check out the final project: