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Wilmington Landscape Lighting Ideas to Wow Your Friends and Make Your Frenemies Jealous

Are you investing in stunning new Wilmington landscape lighting for your home or business? We have a few ideas that will knock your socks off. Then you’ll quickly want to yank those shoes on and run out the door to enjoy the sparkling, glowing, and gorgeous scene you’ve created on your property. Check them out:

wilmington landscape lighting ideas Beautiful Accent Lighting

Adding subtle accent lighting along your flower beds and shrubbery is the most popular way to show off your green thumb after dark. By adding lighting that is soft and washes across the ground, you’ll enjoy the beauty of your flowers and shrubs without the harsh glare of a spotlight.

Subtle Step Lights

All the stairs of your home should have lighting for safe navigation. We offer beautiful stair-riser lighting that provides sure-footing with just enough light. Our riser lights can be implemented in your wood, concrete, stone, or tile, allowing you to illuminate deck stairs, porch stairs, and stairs up to your home’s entryway.

Fun with Festive String Lights

Wrap Your Palms

We often recommend uplighting for Palm trees. However, a fan-favorite is to wrap Palms in festive string lights for a vacation-fun feeling year-round.

Add Flare to Your Fence

Fences provide the perfect opportunity for festive lighting. Your fence posts and rails are perfect for mounting lights, but if you want something that will turn your property into an instant party, draping string lighting around the fence line is the best choice. And when you choose our lights, you know they’ll last for years to come.

Illuminate Your Outdoor Dining and Lounge Space

Today’s top outdoor lighting trend is to add fun to your outdoor entertaining space with overhead permanent market lighting. These round bulbs are a touch of glitz with a dash of nostalgia and will instantly transform any space into joy. We personally love to have them installed over dining areas for joyful outdoor meals with family and friends.

Dramatic Uplighting

All of the vertical elements on your property are candidates for dramatic uplighting. We love to uplight the walls of your home, your trees, and your landscape masonry. The light dances along the edges of the surface, creating shadows in the relief for an artistic flare every Wilmington home deserves.

Serious Shadowing

The trick to great landscape lighting design is layering lights. Rather than line up lights in a straight row, we use a shadowing technique to provide depth and intrigue amongst your landscape features. A perfectly placed uplight or path light behind your favorite statue, shrub, or flower provides a magical silhouette that can’t be ignored.

If you’re ready to premiere a gorgeous new landscape lighting design at your home, call our expert lighting team today! We offer free nighttime demonstrations so you can try before you buy!