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Southport Pool Lighting Transforms this St. James Backyard Paradise into a Nighttime Sanctuary

Southport Pool Lighting Transforms this St. James Backyard Paradise into a Nighttime Sanctuary

Southport, North Carolina living, is all about an outdoor lifestyle. From the beach to downtown and all the golf courses in between, there is no shortage of outdoor activities. This desire to be outdoors as much as possible also applies to Southport backyards.

A swimming pool is a common feature in Southport backyards, keeping residents cool, comfortable, and entertained in the summer months while at home. After two years of enjoying their home on the golf course in St. James, these homeowners decided it was time to add that swimming pool.

Not only did they want a pool, but they also wanted to enjoy their pool and patio at night.

backyard with pool at twilight with path lighting

With an easy call to our talented lighting design team, they scheduled an outdoor lighting design demonstration. Once the design was finalized, our outdoor lighting installation team was able to work directly with the pool and patio companies.

We coordinated our schedules to install conduit at the perfect moment, before the patio was poured, for an integrated lighting installation. The resulting light system meets all of their nighttime swimming and entertaining needs, and we never had to bust up any newly poured concrete.

collage of pool lighting installation process

What are the Elements of This Beautiful Patio and Pool Lighting Design?

Subtle, ambient lighting is essential when it comes to illuminating pools and the surrounding patio. No one wants a night swim to feel like daytime. If lighting is too bright, it melts away all the magic of a soothing soak under the stars.

To accomplish “just right” lighting around this St. James backyard swimming pool, we installed ten patio lights around the perimeter of the newly poured concrete pool deck. These stunning lights are solid brass with a brushed nickel finish. With installation right in the concrete, these lights won’t have to be mowed or trimmed around, and they highlight the exact space necessary for the enjoyment of the pool at night. Their low profile allows them to get the job done without interrupting the patio space needed for furniture and entertaining.

In addition to the ten hardscape lights, we also added two solid brass path lights with matching brushed nickel finish. The path lights at the bottom of the back-porch stairs were an essential addition for easy navigation to the porch at night.

If you’re preparing a backyard renovation, consider adding landscape lighting at the same time. Our team works closely with deck and patio builders, pool installers, and more to make sure your lights are installed at the optimal time during construction. Call today for a free design consultation and nighttime demonstration.

backyard pool with ground lighting around the pool