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This Ponte Vedra Beach home in Jacksonville, FL had an existing, line-voltage lighting system that was in need of an upgrade. When our design consultants met with the owner, we made recommendations that would help make the system more efficient, require less maintenance over time and add beauty to the home at night.

landscape and exterior lighting

This beachfront home had many features to highlight from gorgeous landscaping to beautiful architectural features. Starting from the driveway and entrance, we lined the driveway with path lights to guide guests to the front of the home where we added an uplight to the Sylvester Palm in the middle of the circular drive—creating an amazing first impression when you arrive.

home exterior and landscape lighting

To add curb appeal to the home, we used a series of wall wash lights, floodlights and uplights to the front of house that provided a beautiful lighting effect and made the home more safe and secure for guests at night.

landscape lighting

Throughout the property, we added uplights to both the palm trees and Ligustrum to help define the property and provide a “wow” effect as you explore the backyard after dark. The backyard also featured a large pool where we lined the privacy walls with light to provide a focal point and ambient lighting for enjoying a nighttime swim.

landscape lighting

By converting this existing 120-volt lighting system to a low-voltage, LED system, we were able to make it more energy efficient and improve the quality of the fixtures to help it last for years to come.

landscape lighting