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Outdoor Sphere Lights

Add a Whimsical Feel to Your Backyard

Looking for ways to highlight your landscaping, trees, and outdoor spaces at night? Maybe traditional landscape lighting systems aren’t for you, or you’re looking for something to add a special touch to your yard. Outdoor sphere lights are an ideal lighting solution perfect for adorning trees, walkways, and more.

Backyard setting with sphere lighting hanging from trees

What Are Outdoor Sphere Lights?

Outdoor sphere lights, also known as orb lights or globe lights, add a subtle, whimsical glow to any space. These lights come in various sizes and perfectly combine practical visibility and mood-setting decoration. They are made of sturdy steel and LED bulbs, which means they can be safely hung from trees without fear of the elements, making them a great marriage between organic and industrial features.

Outdoor sphere lights can be used in a variety of different ways, including:

  • Pendant Lights Hanging from Trees: This is the most common application of outdoor orb lights and for a good reason! Hanging light spheres add character and an organic feel to your backyard. They are excellent decorations for outdoor gatherings and perfect for year-round usage.

  • On-Ground Outdoor Orb Lights: Adding a modern touch to your walkways and outdoor spaces has never been easier than with outdoor sphere lights. Securely attached to the ground, on-ground outdoor sphere lights subtly illuminate your pathways to perfection.

sphere lighting

Outdoor Globe Lighting Designs & Installations

When you call the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives® team for an outdoor globe lighting installation, you can rest easy you’re choosing the best in the industry. With our unmatched warranties and highly trained, professional install team, we’ll create a custom design that fits your style, needs, and budget and provide ongoing service to ensure your outdoor orb lighting always looks its best.