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Outdoor color-changing Lights

Introducing the Bonsai Color Series

Looking for a unique solution for outdoor lighting? Meet our color-changing lighting! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives® offers the modern Bonsai Color Series, a versatile line of 12 products designed to infuse your property with captivating color. Whether you wish to accentuate the front of your house or brighten every tree, path, deck, hardscape, or rail in your backyard, we’ve got it covered with the Bonsai series.

Features of the Bonsai Color Series

The features of the Bonsai Color Series include:

  • Vibrant RGB Colors: Perfect for any holiday or special occasion, adding flair and festivity.
  • Low-Voltage, Energy-Efficient Fixtures: Save on energy without sacrificing brightness.
  • Various White Color Temperatures: Choose from warm whites to bright whites.
  • Smartphone App Controls: Manage your lighting preferences easily through your phone.
  • 12 Fixtures for All Applications: Versatility to suit all your outdoor lighting needs.

OLP Hallsley

Flexibility & Customizability

Transform your home’s outdoor spaces into a mesmerizing spectacle for any holiday gathering or event. Whether hosting a party or simply relaxing on your deck, these fixtures can create the perfect ambiance. Schedule a complimentary design consultation to explore what color-changing landscape lighting can do for your home. The best part of color-changing lights is the ability to suit any mood, vibe, event, or whim. It’s an effortless and future-proof way to make your living space even more suited to your tastes!

colored pathway

Benefits of LED Lights in Landscape Lighting

When it comes to color-changing landscape lighting, LED technology stands out as the superior choice:

  • Unmatched Color Range: LED lights offer an expansive spectrum of colors, allowing for the creation of vibrant and dynamic displays for any occasion or mood.
  • Energy Efficiency: Unlike traditional bulbs, LED lights consume less power, making them eco-friendly without compromising brightness or color intensity.
  • Durability: LED lights are known for their longevity, providing consistent performance for years. This is especially important for outdoor fixtures exposed to various weather conditions.
  • Smooth Transitions: LED technology allows for seamless shifts between colors, creating fluid and natural transitions that can add a professional touch to your lighting design.
  • Customizable Control: With the integration of smartphone apps and remote controls, LED lights offer precise customization. Whether you want to set a specific color for a holiday or slowly cycle through a series of shades, LED lights provide unparalleled control.
  • Enhanced Safety: By operating at low voltage, LED lights minimize risks related to electrical safety. This is essential for outdoor installations where weather and wear can be challenging.

In summary, LED lights provide a wide array of vibrant colors and deliver efficiency, durability, and safety. Their adaptability and ease of control make them the perfect choice for those looking to transform outdoor spaces with color-changing lighting.

Color Changing Lights

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