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Outdoor Audio Systems

Turn Up the Volume with Outdoor Sound Systems

Outdoor Audio at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Thinking of ways to improve your entire outdoor experience? Amp up your backyard enjoyment with a new outdoor audio system! Gone are the days of carrying your Bluetooth speaker to the backyard—permanent outdoor sound systems offer you the flexibility to listen to music outdoors without worrying about your speakers being charged or not providing enough sound for your outdoor space.

As the perfect complement to outdoor parties and gatherings, the best outdoor audio systems let you play high-fidelity music at whatever volume.

Combined with custom lighting installation, you’ll have fine control over your guests’ party experience, allowing you to set any mood or suit any preference you like.

Benefits of Outdoor Audio Systems

Backyard sound systems can be customized to fit your space and provide the power and volume you need.

Here’s what to look for in a high-quality outdoor audio installation:

  • Weather-Resistance
    With a system designed to withstand the elements, you won’t need to worry about your amplifier getting ruined from rain or speakers getting waterlogged. Our outdoor audio systems are built to last.

  • Easy Incorporation into Your Existing Landscape
    The design of your outdoor sound system is one of the most important elements of good audio, but integrating the design into your landscape itself adds a layer of magic. Such a system should blend into your landscape and be barely noticeable while offering excellent sound wherever guests are gathered.

  • Feature-Rich Sound Quality
    At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives®, we only offer the best of the best speakers, amplifiers, and more to ensure you’re getting the best possible sound quality from your outdoor speaker system.

Professional Outdoor Audio System Installers

Our experience implementing more than 150,000 installations includes designing and installing high-quality audio systems. After all, what better pairing than audio and visual customization? Outdoor sound systems perfectly complement your landscape lighting, providing you with a complete backyard oasis. When combined with outdoor lighting, exterior audio systems give you the backyard of your dreams—the ultimate backyard enjoyment night after night. Our professional outdoor audio installers are happy to provide a complimentary consultation so you can experience the sound system for yourself!

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