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Celebrate National Outdoor Lighting Month in October

National Outdoor Lighting Month is celebrated in October of each year prior to the ending of Daylight Savings Time. As darker skies arrive earlier in the day — this year on Sunday, November 1 — National Outdoor Lighting Month is designed to educate homeowners about the safety, security and lifestyle enhancements outdoor lighting can bring to their homes.

Why Outdoor Lighting?

Adding highly energy-efficient outdoor lighting to the exterior your home brings many benefits. As autumn evening dark skies set in earlier, being able to see outdoors at night can be a challenge, like in new home communities that have little or no street lighting to help homeowners navigate at night.

Just think about the areas outside your home that you would never go to without exterior lighting, and times when outdoor nighttime chores would be impossible without it, like taking the family pet out for that last stroll of the day.

In addition to the practical aspect of outdoor lighting for added visibility, safety and security, many homeowners simply are finding new ways to enjoy their home each and every night.

In fact, many homeowners are starting to use their outdoor space as an extension of their home interior, creating little sanctuaries for relaxation, ready or just for pleasant chats with family and friends ion the fresh nighttime air.

  • Sheer Beauty
  • Security
  • Expanded Living Space

Be sure to learn more about lighting and its benefits on our resources page.

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