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Portage Bay Houseboat Lighting, Seattle

We designed a new dock lighting scheme for the Shelby Dock Association for installation after completion of a newly built dock. We used copper fixtures on the Brazilian Ipe wood posts to illuminate the dock for safe navigation while complying with Seattle's new wildlife safe lighting municipal codes.

guiding pathway light on the dock between boat homes

Portage Bay Houseboat Lighting

A brand new dock at the Shelby Dock Association deserves brand new dock lighting. Our team designed the outdoor lighting for this houseboat neighborhood that provides a stunning nighttime scene as well as safety for nighttime navigation. The results are reminiscent of the way path lighting can provide a guiding light for traditional homes.

day time photo of house boats and docknighttime view of dock and house boats lit

Our half-moon deck lights are perfect for dock posts. They add safety and magic at night and look beautiful during the day. Made with solid copper, they will withstand the moist salt air for a long life.

tree lighting on house boat dockhouseboat home entry lighting

Just because your home is a boat, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of (traditionally) landscape lighting. Rather than lights going in the ground, we can add lights to posts and railings and even add custom overhead string lighting. These houseboat owners in Portage Bay will now enjoy the added safety, visibility, and function of their outdoor spaces at night.

dock safety lighting on dock posts

Seattle Dock Lighting Increases Safety in Portage Bay

Safety near the water is ingrained in Seattlites from a young age. However, accidents happen. Dock lighting is an essential feature for lowering the risk of missteps in the dark. Not only will dock lighting help you avoid a misstep that will leave you soaking wet, but it can also help visitors find you when they arrive after dark.

Our dock lighting addition in this Portage Bay houseboat neighborhood allows homeowners to rest easy knowing their guests can find them at night.

You don’t have to have a houseboat to need dock lighting. Call our dedicated design team today to schedule a free design consultation for your customized Seattle dock lighting project.

copper dock lighting on dock posts