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Beautiful Seattle Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound is proud to provide custom Seattle landscape lighting design, installation, and service. Offering landscape lighting systems that are top-quality and just-right for your landscape. We strive to show-off the gorgeous Pacific Northwest landscapes that make living here a dream.

Seattle Landscape Lighting

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, our customers are our top priority in designing the perfect custom landscape lighting design starting with your goals and unique property features.

Daytime Benefits of Seattle Landscape Lighting

Are there steep stairs that are hazardous in the dark? Is there a lovely seating area you are looking to beautify? Are you looking for security lighting for an area of your property that makes a great hiding spot for intruders? It all starts with your wishes.

Custom Landscape Lighting

There is no single secret formula for deciding the elements of a perfect Seattle landscape lighting design. With every homeowners’ goals being unique and every landscape being one-of-a-kind, our trained professionals use their experience to assess how to make your home look its best at night. There are many outdoor lighting techniques and a variety of lighting fixtures that can illuminate a particular area. A good lighting designer will assess your goals combined with the distinctive area being illuminated and select just the right fixture to create the perfect custom effect.

Five Reasons you NEED Landscape Lighting at Your Seattle Home

Charming Seattle Homes Deserve Quality Landscape Lighting

In the Seattle area, we enjoy a huge variety of unique and charming homes and property sizes. From the two bedroom bungalow with shaker siding squeezed in on a city hillside with perfect views and oodles of charm, to a sprawling newly built brick masterpiece on a partially wooded lot with a large deck in the back and a Japanese Maple to grab your attention out front, we have it all. Given the variety of architectural features, it is crucial to highlight the dimension and let the charm of the home shine at night. If your home sits at the top of a hill with a gorgeous wooden gate leading from the sidewalk to your stairs, we can elegantly highlight the gate for a welcoming effect and add path lighting to ensure no one trips on their way up in the dark.

Seattle Landscape Lighting Provides Safety & Visibility for Your Pets

Seattle Path Lighting

Path lighting is an extremely important element of Seattle landscape lighting due to the mountainous terrain and long winter nights. Sometimes it is done in a way that is all about function with no eye for design, making for intrusive fixtures in your well-cared-for landscape. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we combine form and function, thinking of all of the realities of having and maintaining outdoor lights so that you don’t even have to think about it. When it comes to path lighting, we assess the landscape around the path to determine what fixture will be best. If you have landscaping around your walkway to tuck lights into the foliage, it is much different than choosing fixtures that will be a feature, lining a path that is surrounded by lawn, bricks or concrete. What about that lawn? Will these lights get broken when you are mowing your lush Seattle lawn? We consider every angle before choosing and placing your lights.

Seattle Landscape Lighting Provides a Beacon in Wet Winter Weather

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we believe that good Seattle landscape lighting is all about the effect and not about the fixture. With genuine copper fixtures, we provide great quality and great looks as the beauty straight out of the box is astonishing. Like a fine wine, this beauty gets better over time as the copper patinas in a unique way blending into your landscape more and more every year. While the fixture is gorgeous, it will become part of the landscape so that the eye can focus on what is being illuminated instead of what is doing the illuminating.

Any fixture that is not protected by a nearby structure or landscaping can and will take some bumps and bruises as you spend more time outdoors in your newly illuminated yard.

Landscape Lighting Adds Subtle Safety & Security to Your Home

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we think of the homeowner and how they will live in the spaces we illuminate. Our well-trained professionals use long threaded stakes to give your fixture the ultimate stability. When faced with the occasional run-in with a lawn mower our fixture will hold up. Being made of solid metal there is no paint to chip or dents to be had or plastic to shatter, they will stand up to the test of time and the test of living life in your unique landscape.

Enjoy our outdoor lighting portfolio to inspire your Seattle outdoor lighting dreams.

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