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How many LED landscape lights does my Seattle property need?

Seattle LED landscape lighting is NOT a one size fits all product. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, the difference is in the design. We can’t say 10 lights, 20 lights or 6 lights for that matter. Every single property is different. Every single home or business owner has a different goal in mind. Our goal in creating the perfect landscape lighting is YOU!

Step Lighting

We don’t aim to recreate daylight hours. We enjoy the subtleties of shadow and light play to create areas of illumination for increased visibility along with ambiance for improving joy in outdoor living. Depending on our discussions with you and the visiting of your property, we may go with less is more or with more is more.

Custom LED Landscape Lighting Design

For instance, a long curvy driveway hidden within the majesty of towering firs and hemlocks may well require more lighting than we might advise for a garden bed and walkway between your garage and back door.

A small city lot could benefit greatly with just a few LED path lights and some permanent café lighting over the patio to create a functional outdoor entertaining space. While a large estate on Vashon Island or Mercer Island could be in need of an expansive LED outdoor lighting system. A system that size could include deck lighting, dock lighting, pathway lights, security lights, and architectural lighting to illuminate the property amongst the darkness of the wilderness that surrounds it.

We recently enjoyed working for a client who only needed some sparse ambient landscape lighting near their home, but required quite a few lights along the wooded path they walk their dog on each night. With night falling before they arrive home from work each day, it is essential for safety and security that the area is properly illuminated.

Whatever your property and lifestyle require, the expert lighting designers at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound will steer you toward what is right for you. We don’t have a minimum package nor will we ever try and sell you more than what you need to accomplish your outdoor living and outdoor lighting goals. Call today to schedule your complimentary nighttime lighting demonstration to see for yourself what LED landscape lighting can do for your property. (425) 414-8885