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Less is More in Seattle Landscape Lighting Design

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, your satisfaction is our goal. We strive to put customer satisfaction first. This means that we won’t push lights on you that you don’t want or need. Not only is our goal to make you happy, but landscape lighting design is essential to differentiating our lighting services from the landscaper who has lights too or the electrician who can install outdoor lights. In designing proper outdoor lighting systems, many times, less is more. Being willing to sell you fewer lights to keep our design reputation intact is an essential difference you get with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Outdoor lighting design, installation, and service is what we do and the only thing we do.


Our goal is to add function and beauty to your Seattle home at night. Our goal is NOT to make your home as bright during the night as it is during the day. Outdoor lighting design is all about subtlety and working with the darkness to create a different kind of beauty at night. While we always say that good design is about the lighting effect, not the light itself, that would be inaccurate. Good lighting design is also about the shadows. Creating texture with a wall wash requires shadows. Creating depth in a landscape, require shadows. Creating magic with an uplighting effect on a large Fir tree is accomplished with shadows. To achieve this subtle beauty, it is necessary to show great restraint in using just the right amount of lights for the space.


Living in a city like Seattle means making the most out of small spaces. Many homes are small; many yards are small. If you’re eager to illuminate your city yard with the perfect outdoor lighting and someone quoted you an $8,000 lighting package, call us. We offer lighting packages that are right-sized. With our custom lighting design, you’ll enjoy mystery, ambiance, shadows and intrigue that are vital to creating good outdoor lighting design. A tiny yard, patio or deck with $8,000 worth of outdoor lighting could lead to some seriously miserable neighbors too!

If you’re ready to create a perfect nighttime space in your yard, call today for a free nighttime outdoor lighting demonstration. (425) 414-8885