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Fall In Seattle: A Perfect Time for Pumpkins, More Coffee and Your Annual LED Landscape Lighting Tune-Up

As the days begin to shorten, and the temperatures become cool and crisp, we embark on a short season perfect for sweaters, pumpkins, hayrides and more, rich hot coffee. Whenever the nights begin to creep further into our afternoons, I can’t help but think about how important LED landscape lighting is this time of year. Providing visibility for safety and security, more functional outdoor living and creating curb appeal to be adored, this is the time of year for LED outdoor lighting to shine! But just like any big investment in our home, LED landscape lighting does require some maintenance to keep it working in tip-top shape. It is easy to forget with bulbs that never burn out; that is why we offer the Annual LED Tune-Up.


Many things happen throughout a year that can affect your lights, even if the LED lamps in them continue to illuminate your home for years:

  • Well light covers can go missing, leaving them filled with falling leaves and debris.
  • Lush Seattle summers can create overgrown vegetation that interrupts the integrity of the beautiful landscape lighting design.
  • Weather can cause falling branches or unexpected erosion that can cause a light fixture to shift, tip, or turn.
  • Humans and animals living their life as they should can have mishaps that lead to interruptions in your LED landscape lighting system. From cut or chewed lines to lights being knocked over, everyday life happens, and we want to help you keep your lighting system on the up and up rather than let it go until you notice a large issue that could cost you.


Our Annual LED Tune-Up means we’ll come out and inspect every single light. We’ll make sure each light is clean, adjusted, and shining at its best. We’ll check for cut lines if a light is out and repair them. We’ll rebury lines that could have become exposed from erosion. We’ll inspect transformers and reset timers to ensure everything is running beautifully. We’ll even trim away branches or foliage that have covered lights and altered their effectiveness.

Seattle LED landscape lighting is a worthy investment for your home and lifestyle. Don’t neglect the routine maintenance that can keep it working beautifully for years and years. Call today to schedule your annual LED tune-up for a winter of warm welcome’s home from your gorgeous LED landscape lighting design. (425) 414-8885