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Try Seattle Landscape Lighting, Before You Buy It!

There are many reasons to choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound as your Seattle landscape lighting provider. From custom designs to meticulous installation and every client-centric moment before, during, and after, you’ll know that choosing the outdoor lighting experts was the right choice. The entire experience of working with us is designed to be easy and enjoyable. But, by far, the most intriguing part about what we do differently is our FREE nighttime demonstration.

Before you commit to us. We commit to you!

When you schedule a design demonstration at your home, you will receive a no obligation landscape lighting demonstration.

The nighttime demonstration is customized for your home’s unique features and landscape.

We’ll arrive shortly before dusk. We’ll place our temporary lighting in a design that is as close to what we propose for your system as possible. All of this is done while you go about your normal business. Once the sun sets and the lights are positioned, we’ll invite you to join us for the flip of the switch.


There is nothing more enjoyable to our prospective clients or to us than the moment when that switch is flipped during a design demonstration. Seeing a home and landscape go from dark to light is just… magical? sophisticated? stunning? breathtaking? dazzling? brilliant? remarkable? incredible?

Okay, you pick the adjective, but the most common response is Wow!

A dark home and yard, freshly illuminated, is just astonishing. The homeowners will see the practical and aesthetic benefits immediately. Safety, security, and beauty are the top three but there are many more.

Once we pick our jaws up off the ground, then the fun begins. With the homeowner, we look at the entire property as illuminated. Together we are able to pinpoint areas that might need more light, less light, or different light. While we try to get as close as possible to a final design, truly this moment provides an opportunity to make it even better.

The homeowner is able to ask questions, we are able to provide further suggestions, and a final proposal can come together right there on the spot and we can even get the installation added to the schedule.

Alternatively, we can take our lights and leave you in peace. There truly is ZERO OBLIGATION with our nighttime landscape lighting demonstration.

If you’re interested in seeing for yourself what landscape lighting can do for your home and property. Give us a call today at (425) 414-8885! We look forward to working with you!

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